Keywords are the heart of a SEO campaign. They are the main building blocks of marketing decisions and SEO strategies. They are of great importance when it comes to increasing the conversion rate and generating new traffic.

It is very hard to compete against large companies with short tail keywords because there is tremendous competition and a great number of those companies have a team of SEO and marketing experts who work on SEO content creation and keyword generation 9 to 5. A better choice is to target middle range keywords (3 words an above) that have medium search volume but a much lower amount of competition than short range keywords (one to two words). Those middle range keywords are known as long tail keywords.

It is easier for a business to start generating traffic from those keywords and then moving towards ones with larger volume when the domain authority is strong. Below are key reasons why long tail keywords are of great importance in SEO.

Less competition

There will always be significantly less competition the longer the keywords are. For example, there are people who search for web design, web software, web application, and many more that have the keyword “web” in it. Thus, it is not much of a surprise mathematically that the keyword “web” has far more competition than “web design.” Consequently, there are many longer keywords that include the “web design” keywords compared to “web design process.” The competition of the last keyword is very low and a good SEO article can easily rank high in Google and generate views whereas the keyword “web” will be lost in between thousands of websites that are competing for it.

High conversion rate

When people search in Google, or any other search engine for that matter, using more than three keywords known as long tail keywords, they are very specific in what they are looking for and Google will generate the answer they are expecting. The search results displayed will match what they are looking for far better than using one or two words. If you search for “web design,” you could be interested in the process, an agency near you, elements of design, and numerous other topics that are related to it. However, if you search “web design process,” google knows exactly what you are looking for.

But how to find long tail keywords? There are many tools available online to find long tail keywords. One of the best tools is Google Adwords Keywords Planner. The planner will help you do long tail keyword research by providing you with relevant keywords and the competition for each one of them. Another great tool is AnswerThePublic, which generates questions and ideas for your keywords. You can think of this tool as long tail keyword generator. Below is a picture of the ideas and keywords that AnswerThePublic generated from the key input “web design.” Combine those resources and find other ones online and you are guaranteed to get good results.

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