Regular internet users typically spend two hours daily online. If we use that time spent on social media and redirect it to more beneficial things like podcasts, we could achieve a lot.

To encourage you to start listening to some educational audio, we found the best digital marketing podcasts for you to listen to. After a while, you will forget about meaningless scrolling and implement podcasts in your daily routine.

Marketing Over Coffee

Let’s start with this podcast with an interesting concept. Marketing over coffee is filmed in the coffee shop, and you can listen to it each Thursday morning since 2017. We have two hosts John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn and each week they bring different guests. There is an option for download, so you can listen whenever you have 20 minutes at your disposal.

This is a podcast series, so you will have an opportunity to listen about marketing trends, social media, SEO and many other related things from the best marketers.

Social Media Marketing Podcast

Social Media Examiner is a website founded by Michael Stelzner that gathered marketers who discuss their experience and give us advice with their podcasts. So if you are interested in community management or you merely want to hear more about social media, Google analytics and Facebook ads you will find a lot of audio material to listen to on their podcast Social Media Marketing Talk Show.

Each episode is focused on different features and strategies and they usually last about 45 minutes.


Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing is a podcast website whose founder is John Jantsch. He is an expert in this field and shares his knowledge and experiences with us through his podcast. Naturally, he brings different guests who cover various business-related topics but in this article, we wanted to mention a specific one.

Recently he brought Michael Stelzner, marketer we mentioned earlier, and they filmed a podcast called The Biggest Social Media Trends to Watch in 2020. If you are into digital marketing or you just want to know more for the sake of your business, this will be a real treat to you since two experts are discussing such an important topic.



We all know how important content is, therefore we had to mention Copyblogger and their amazing podcasts. Brian Clark, founder of this website, and his team are giving us great examples for years.

As the name itself says, they are oriented on content and copywriting and they bring different experts who share their secrets. You will be able to learn how to become a Pro content writer and work freelance, how to increase your conversions and why you should implement SEO in your business.

They are constantly sharing great advice, and we recommend you listen to every episode carefully. You may find completely new ways to promote your business in a different way after listening.


Actionable Marketing Podcast

Coschedule has a great podcast series that will help you gain knowledge about different types of marketing. They bring different marketers from all around the world who are ready to discuss the most interesting topics.

If you are interested in SEO, for example, there is a great episode with Brian Dean who is an expert in that field. You will have a chance to hear about keywords, always welcome White Hat SEO strategies and how to create and optimize content that will get more searches.

As you can see, there are so many different podcasts out there. Next time you seize the phone to kill the time don’t go straight to Facebook. Instead, put headphones and listen to one of these, you will discover new things and learn a lot.


Our West Palm Beach digital marketing agency can always help you learn more and use online advertising for your business.

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