If you have an e-commerce store built on WordPress, plugins allow you to customize it and make it more functional. You will be able to make it look exactly how you want, because there are so many WP plugins for literary everything, from creating better user experience to increasing conversions and much more.

The fact is that the offer of WordPress plugins for e-commerce websites is so broad is great, but many people have trouble deciding which ones to use. We hope that this little guide will help you because our West Palm Beach web designers have listed some of the best WP plugins on the market.


Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker automatically detects broken links on your site, and sends you an email notification. This will save you from losing sales just because your visitors landed on a 404 generic page. Broken links can be one of the major issues for e-commerce websites so it’s important to always keep an eye on them.



Redirection let us redirect 404 pages to existing ones. It can automatically do a redirection when your page URL changes, like when you update a post. Redirection also helps you look through and see when the visitors are linking to old posts, and one of its biggest advantages is that it helps you see when someone is attacking your website. 



This plugin builds social proof by letting people know about the purchases other people recently made and proves that your products are worth buying. You can also set it up to show the number of visitors that are currently browsing the site. 

Thanks to Proof, you will have detailed customer profiles for everyone who entered their email address and it will show you which pages they navigated to and which steps do they take before making a purchase. 


SEO By Yoast

In case you need a plugin that will optimize all SEO aspects on your website, then SEO by Yoast is the thing you need. It is the most popuar and the most complete SEO WordPress plugin, and it gives you for free all the SEO things that you would otherwise have to pay to have it implemented on your website. It will give you a simple checklist of things to optimize and help you control your SEO efforts. 


WP Performance Profiler

If you want to know which plugins slow down your site, this is the plugin you should use. WP Performance Profiler will monitor and detect all the plugins that are causing the problem, and that will help you turn your website into a functional e-commerce store. Page speed affects the SEO results, and WP Performance Profiler will help you define and delete the clunky plugins, so you can keep your rankings in Google. 



This is one of the most popular plugins for e-commerce stores on WordPress. It is actually a customizable WP e-commerce platform that allows you to transform your WordPress site into an e-commerce store that you need. 

The WooCommerce platform is easy to use and it is suitable for any product or service. It allows you to sell affiliate products, take unlimited orders, and embed products on any page. 


Pick Plugins That Will Turn Your Ecommerce Store From Good to Great

Although we gave our best to explain the benefits of some of the best WP plugins for e-commerce, you still may get overwhelmed and confused about where to start. No matter if you can’t decide which ones are essential or you simply don’t want to install any plugins by yourself, don’t worry.

Our West Palm Beach web designers will be there to help you make a perfect WordPress e-commerce website. Contact us, and watch how your e-commerce store becomes a conversion machine!

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