Top fonts designers love

top fonts designers love

Gone are the days when Times New Roman and Ariel were the only two options web design and web development companies had to choose from. Today, designers have access to a number of different fonts that help make their content stand out and become memorable. Without further ado, let’s discuss the top fonts designers love to use.


This particular font was inspired by the architectural signage of the 20th century and has an assertive appearance. The geometric font has made it on the list of designer favorites because of its professional look.

Some may criticize its apparent overuse, but the fact remains that Gotham possesses a timeless appeal which is always going to be in vogue.

Brandon Grotesque

Designers appreciate the versatility of Brandon Grotesque and use it for direction pointing signs, wedding invites, vintage designs, interactive displays, and more.


If you swear by a minimalistic approach, Poppins is the font for you. Just like how good design doesn’t need a whole bunch of elements jammed together, a beautiful font can look ideal with only minimal effects.

When it comes to the Poppins font, every letter it employs is equal in character height. The spacing between these characters also looks great when used as a body text or a heading font.


This is a fun, cheerful font that will help you make the best of any light-hearted topic. It portrays a bright outlook and thus, compliments a number of different styles. It is one of the top fonts designers love because of its appearance.


Futura is for those who are a fan of timeless lines and classic-themed script. This is one of the reasons it’s the top choice for many designers.

Futura goes well with a number of content styles and is widely considered a fail-safe font. It doesn’t matter what size the company is or the industry it belongs to, the font always seems to uphold its relevancy and appeal.


Klavika is perfect for making text notable. It’s a mesmerizing font which has a welcoming, striking vibe. The letter G (upper or lower case) can become a head turner when Klavika is used.


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The most popular layout design trends

design layout trends

Web design is a creative field where the possibilities are practically endless. Given that every layout affects the user experience in significant ways, there are several unique approaches to layout designs that you can take.

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To stay abreast with the latest industry trends, take a look at 5 of the most popular layout design trends this year!

Overlapping Elements Approach

Website designers are making a conscious step away from minimalistic, ‘clean’ design elements and following a multi-layered text, color, and image approach. For example, covering an image with a card above a block of color will help to bring the core content to center stage. Other similar ideas revolve around:

Layered Text

To create a less constricted web design; layer text over high-resolution images. Using a fade effect on a text body over a monochromatic background image is another way of making web design look less card-based.

Floating Titles

Another way to incorporate overlapping elements is by adding floating titles over images. It’s up to the designer to play with this design practice to create a unique look. For instance, you could shrink a hero image and add one portion of a floating title over it.

design layout trends

Horizontal Layout

If you don’t want your website’s design to be overly crowded, consider a horizontal layout. Use horizontal cards for important content layout. This approach works well for mobile screens too, where the content adapts for vertical scrolling.

Parallax Effect

To increase the perception of depth in your website layout design, use parallax scrolling. This includes layering text, graphics, and images to tie them to the user’s scroll position.

Not only does this effect create more dynamic designs, but it also moves foreground information faster than background information, creating a natural flow.

Offset Headers and Columns

Let’s be clear, complex embellishments like animations are not necessary to make a layout design engaging. Consider breaking out of the confines of symmetry by offsetting elements using headers and columns. Designers even use scroll-triggered animations with split screens to enhance users’ experience.

Split Screens

Split screens are becoming an increasingly popular way to effectively break up large blocks of text in a website’s layout. To deliver a unified message to the audience, include complementary content on each side of the screen.

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Ways Mobile Apps Are Revolutionizing Digital Marketing


What does digital marketing have to do with mobile applications? A lot actually.

in fact, digital marketing and mobile applications go hand-in-hand.

According to the Pew Research Center, 77% of the American population owns a smartphone. With so many people switching to smartphones, it’s easy to see why they’ve become an important part of our lives.

In fact, a survey conducted by Google shows that 91% of people admitted to using their phones to brainstorm ideas during work.

Mobile apps are becoming a significant part of everyone’s lives. Whether it’s to watch videos, keeping up with daily tasks, or monitoring performance, both individuals and businesses can benefit from them.

But more than that, they are revolutionizing the way businesses function. Here’s how:

A Jack of All Trends

One of the biggest perks of creating your own mobile application is that it’s easier to keep in touch with the latest trends in the industry.

You can gain extensive knowledge of what consumers want and need, and what their expectations are.

Now imagine being a salon owner. You specialize in hair care. Your app has a feedback option. This is advantageous because it allows you to get direct feedback from clients.

After they avail a discount on a service using an app promo code, they can directly send you details about their experience. Does you salon need improvement? What can it do to improve your services?


All of these questions become easier to answer through a mobile app. In fact, you can also find out what your clients expect from you. Perhaps, there’s a new facial trending and you don’t offer it. But your clients want you to. This opens a doorway for improvement.

Offer More Value

No matter which industry you specialize in, there’s one thing that’s certain: customer service is important.

Your customers are some of your biggest assets and in order to keep them from deviating to competitors, you need to make sure you give them your best.

Your mobile app will allow them to gain access to on-hand information about your company without visiting your website. Secondly, it will give them push notifications, which allows direct communication to be set up.

When you launch a new product or offer discounts, they will get a notification. Furthermore, let’s say you’re in the food and beverage industry, your clients don’t need the traditional “points” card. They can simply get points on the app that they can use to make purchases.

Brand Recognition

Let’s just admit that social media can’t be king if your followers don’t know anything about you. Mobile apps and social media marketing go hand-in-hand—you need the latter to market the former, yet you need the former to gain followers for the latter!

But if you REALLY want to gain recognition for your brand, make your mobile app hip, trendy, seamless, and beautifully-designed.

When your app is easy to use, your potential clients will be more willing to download and recommend it to their social circle.

But before you launch your app, make sure to get it tested by an expert to ensure its functionality.

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How To Generate Organic Traffic To Your Website

Improving organic traffic doesn’t have to be difficult. Organic traffic has a higher lead-to-customer conversion rate than other sources. These visits are also more consistent as compared to those directed from social media.

The best way to go about it is to hire an experienced web app development agency to apply effective SEO strategies.

These pro web developers and web designers know a great deal about key methods to generate search engine traffic that’s relevant and tailored to your customer base.

If you’re interested in learning about generating and boosting organic traffic to your website, here are the top three ways to get started. Read More

Web Application Testing: The Essential Entailing Checks


According to Forbes, websites, online stores and applications are the new cornerstones for small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. These businesses made up nearly 54% of U.S sales in 2017.

With such high dependency on websites, it’s more important than ever to ensure each web app is fully optimized and free of any bugs or errors that could impact user experience.

This is where web app testing comes in. As per a study done at the University of Cambridge, the cost to fix an error post launch is about four to five times higher than that fixed during the design phase. Other benefits of app testing include ensuring iOS and Android app services work effectively on mobile devices and that the app works optimally under heavy load.

Here is an overview of 5 common kinds of tests to determine and improve the workability of your app. Read More

Build and improve online presence through digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing strategy is the key to increase the online presence of a business or entity. In 2018, the best way to acquire new audience and subscribers is through building credibility in the internet.

So many ways exist to better one’s presence and credibility that it is nearly impossible to do them all. In this article, we will cover getting online recognition for a business through digital marketing strategy, which is defined as marketing services, e-commerce, or any function the business performs through using digital means, mainly on the internet. This marketing is visible on mobile phones, desktop, and other computers that are connected to internet.

Creating a goal

Marketing without a goal is like a ship that does not know where it is sailing; it can end up anywhere from the north pole to the south pole. That is why a goal is needed. It gives direction to the ship, i.e. the work being done by marketing team of company, and goals to know what is being expected of them. Having a great goal for digital marketing and accomplishing it is a great way for a business to gain more customers. The goal must be specific and use metrics so it can be easily measured and evaluated. “Grow the audience” is very broad whereas “Increase the organic traffic from Google by 10% in two months” is more specific and easy to test/prove. This article written by Chris Soames explains how to set good goals for digital marketing campaigns.

During the execution of goals/plan, adjustments often have to be made. Many people believe that is wrong and the team must stick to the plan, but adjusting the plan if there are parts of it that can be improved is acceptable and likely has positive results.

digital marketing strategy goals

Determining intended audience

Tightly related to the point above, the marketing team needs to have an intended audience in mind for the online marketing to perform successfully. Research helps in determining where your audience spends their time in, which in turn reveals where the marketing strategy needs to be centered. Forbes has a great article on determining the intended audience for marketing purposes. There are many characteristics that need to be looked and prioritized. The key ones are:

·         Age

·         Location

·         Sex

·         Income

·         Job

The audience should be carefully determined based on characteristics such as the ones listed above and the digital marketing strategy should be altered to fit this audience.

Consider paid online advertising services

AdWords is the best and most used paid online advertising service. It is recommended to use it moderately, not extensively, because it costs significantly. It can empty a budget very fast if not set properly. There are many settings and options that allow you to set the keywords, audience, and goals for the campaign to better the results. It is an easy way for small businesses to start getting traffic while they are still writing SEO content and performing SEO optimization because these usually take month before organic traffic starts to appear. Afterwards, the paid marketing services can be reduced, or even stopped altogether when organic traffic takes over.

Social media marketing

Nearly everyone on the developed world in 2018 has social media presence, be that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The users of social media provide much information about themselves, including the characteristics of the intended audience such as the ones previously (age, location, sex, income, job). Thus, one can easily find ways to target their audience through implementing social media marketing techniques. The users will like, comment, and share the things they like on the social media, and that draws even more similar customers to the business.

Evaluate and redesign digital marketing strategy

After several months have passed, the marketing team can evaluate the online presence of the business to determine how the online marketing strategy has performed. Goals are tested using the metrics provided in the goal such as organic traffic amount. This helps determining which part of the marketing has performed poorly and which part is exceling. Changes then are made and the marketing strategy is redesigned to fix the weak links of the chain. Learning from one’s mistakes is one of the greatest steps in growth, but learning from other’s mistakes is even better. There are thousands of other businesses who have implemented similar digital marketing strategies and have written blog posts and articles about them. Reviewing them helps evaluating current strategy without having to wait months for results. Google Analytics is a great tool to analyze how effective marketing is.

analytics for SEO

Creating a digital marketing strategy that gives great results is a hard thing to do. By setting specific goals, making a plan, and having a team that works towards achieving the expectations, businesses will build and grow their online presence to gain customers.

Web design and SEO – Things you need to know.

SEO is one of the greatest tools for businesses to grow their audience, and it is often overlooked during the web design process. In order for a website to be fully SEO optimized, web design and SEO must be integrated together.

search engine optimization tools
Many businesses only begin thinking about SEO when the website is completely designed and ready for content to be added to it. For a website to be SEO optimized, web design and SEO must be developed hand-in-hand. SEO must be a critical part of the website design process. This post addresses how this integration should be done to increase the domain authority of a website and enhance the presence of the business in the internet.

Page Speed

Even today, millions of people have slow internet connection. Combine that with web pages having a more complicated structure than before and you have a recipe for slow page speed. For example, using front-end web application frameworks requires loading several JavaScript files that slow down the page load speed. This is one of the main causes of high bounce-off rate. If it takes 5-10 seconds for the page to load, one is guaranteed to have lost at least 50% of the audience already. Thus, the website should clean, not overstuffed, and follow best speed optimization practices to decrease loading speed. MOZ provides a great guide on page speed and SEO optimization.

Site Navigationsite navigation

Google bot is, as the word itself implies, a bot. In order for it to be able to crawl the website successfully and understand where each content is located, the site navigation of a website should be precise and clean. Sitemaps tell google how the website pages are structured and how pages are related.


HTML Structure

The HTML structure of a page tells Google bot where the main content is, what the content is about through using headers and title, and how everything is related together. This helps the bot understand the content and what they key concepts are so it can better place the page in the search world. SearchEngineLand has a great article on how html structure and code affects search ranking.

Mobile-friendly and responsive design

Another factor that search engines look for is whether the website is mobile-friendly and responsive web design. This is a characteristic that is confirmed to affect the ranking of a website in search results. In today’s world, mobile has the highest internet market share by device, at approximately 52%. That means more than half of internet users access to internet using smartphones, which is why mobile-friendly design is such an important factor. A website that is not mobile optimized is a red flag signaling an old and decayed technology.

mobile-friendly design

Next time you are making a website design, do not make the mistake of putting SEO aside until content creation. Web design and SEO are two elements that are developed simultaneously, rather than one after the other. Now that you are equipped with useful knowledge and links to posts about the importance of factors in web design and SEO, you are ready to design your website.

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Custom web design vs website template

Creating a website is a great step for many companies who want to be up to date with technology and present on the internet. During website development, many choices must be made. One of those choices is using custom web design vs website template created by other designers.

website design

There are many factors that should be considered when making this choice, and below is a brief guide on making the final choice.


As explained above, website templates are used by several companies if they are any good. The design will only be unique if it is unattractive, and that itself is a bad choice. That is why many people get the feeling that they’ve seen websites have very similar, if not the same, website design look, even though they are from a totally different company. To leave a good first impression and please aesthetically the viewers, the design should be unique and custom made for the company. Everyone remembers that website that has amazing design even if he/she is not even remotely interested in what the website offers. It pleases one’s visual senses. Overused website templates cannot have the same effect.

Cost Difference

A custom web design costs significantly more than a website template. Website templates are cheap and even free such as WordPress Templates. ThemeForest has a great range of website templates and they cost on average less than $50. Compare that to custom web design that can easily pass 1,000s of dollars in cost. Website templates are meant to be reused by many companies, thus their prices are low. Custom web design on the other hand is only used for one company, i.e. it is made custom for that company, thus the prices are significantly higher.

website template

SEO Optimization

This is a quality that a great number of website templates have: a structure that follows the best practices of SEO optimization. This is not to say that custom web design does not have this quality, but the designer that curates the design must be told ahead of time that the site should be SEO friendly. Consequently, he/she should have the SEO skills to be able to do that. SEO friendly structure is basically using html structure to show where the main information is, where the title for each grouping is, how the content is grouped, etc. This helps google understand the content the page provides. Custom web design can be as or more advanced in SEO optimization than website templates in that the designer can easily follow all the tips/tricks that ordinary website templates have, and on top of that add unique characteristics that overused templates cannot have to rank the website higher in google. Writers at KissMetrics have done a great job explaining how to enhance a site structure.

Web Designer

To develop a custom design, a web designer is needed. This is an obvious one but remains a deal breaker for companies deciding on their website design. Most companies do not have a designer, let alone a web designer to do the work for them. They might not be interested in hiring a web designer who charges anywhere from $25 to $50 and more per hour for their work as opposed to using a template that is cheap and even free. Some companies hire a freelance web designer to develop the unique design on a fixed price, which is also a reasonable choice.

custom web design

Preview design before choosing

“I’ll know it when I see it” is an expression that designers hear more often than they want to admit. Often customers do not know how they want their website to look until they see it. This can lead to frustration and numerous revisions which costs designer’s time and company’s money. Designers often make a great choice that viewers will like, but the client will refuse it and want it to be overstuffed or use a bad combination of colors which results in a web design. This is a common issue in web design. On the other hand, if the client views many design templates, they can choose one that they like and find pleasing. There will be no room for surprises. A counter-effect to this might be that having many choices can cause analysis paralysis and the client will take a lot of time, if ever, to make the decision.

Power of choice in the design

If a website template is used, that means most likely the company does not have a designer and/or developer. Thus, any changes that the client will want to make to the template, no matter how small, will take time and effort because there is no one to do it. Freelance web designers will have to be hired and that costs. On the other hand, with a custom design the designer is constantly communicating with the client and can make changes on the spot without much effort. Freelance web designers usually have 2-4 free revision allowances to make changes after the design is done.

mobile-friendly design

Agile development

A case where templates rarely, if ever, fit in well is if the company follows an agile development for the website. This is often the case for large websites with business functionality. A website template is practically useless because in Agile, so many changes are requested that the final product almost never matches the initial design.

Custom business functionality

Templates are only front-end look. They do not have any functionality. If custom business functionality is needed, back-end must be added to the existing front-end. Often front-end requires changes in back-end and vice versa resulting in circulating changes that drastically change the existing template. A template that fits a niche’s functionality is hard to find. E-commerce is usually the easiest, but all other industries would require a custom web design.

custom business functionality

Now that you’ve read this article you should be more prepared to make this decision. The factors listed above should help a company decide on using custom web design vs website template for their online presence.

Our company, Ajroni Enterprises, is a Miami web design company that provides unique and aesthetically pleasing web design for our clients of any niche. If you have any questions or would like to contact us for any reason, use this link here or click the contact us link in the navigation bar. We have also written an article on helping companies choose the right web design company.

The key to restaurant web design

Web Restaurant niche has its own qualities and characteristics that when addressed properly make the difference between a website that customers bounce off and dislike, and one that customers come back to whenever they are feeling hungry. Below are few concepts that are key to restaurant web design.

The color pattern has immense value on the first impression viewers get when they view a web restaurant. Designers at Canva have done a great job displaying different palette types for inspiration as seen here. For web restaurant, odd colors dissatisfy the user, thus increasing the chances of bounce-off. Dark colors are also a no-go. The colors should be light, but not too bright as to cause discomfort. A combination of orange, white, and red color palette is the best choice to go for in restaurant website design.

The menu is of great importance. Customers want to see everything the website offers, including special dishes and premium food. The design of menu should fit best with what customers would be most likely looking for. For example, a restaurant known for its pizza should have pizzas menu listed higher.

Overstuffed information and detail is a red-flag. Web restaurant should not provide a stuffed menu because looking for a dish would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. If the menu is long, only key dishes should be included. The restaurant template must be divided into sections which customers can easily identify.

Addressing those key concepts will lead to a better restaurant website design which in turn attracts customers and increases the profits.