When we take a look at the development of digital marketing, quite a lot has happened during the 2010s. The advance of the technology brought along innovations that made the digital marketers constantly on their toes. This industry is subject to constant changes due to its nature and tight connection with the technology. 

Let’s take a look at the most significant aspects and game-changers of the current digital marketing scene.


The Rise of Social Media Marketing

It is an undeniable fact that social media became the biggest marketing channel in the past 10 years. More and more customers are buying straight from brands’ social media profiles than through their official websites. This is happening since people are spending the vast majority of their online time endlessly scrolling through their feeds.

Internet users are also migrating more and more to mobile devices, precisely to their smartphones. Companies noticed this trend and acted accordingly: they created applications, started posting on their Facebooks and Instagrams and sponsoring that content, and they also made their websites responsive. 

With the further development of social media and their apps, the companies started adopting each novelty as it was rolled out. As soon as the “Stories” feature came out on Snapchat, the potential of this latest marketing channel was obvious. Stories soon became the staple part of Instagram, Facebook, and even YouTube. 


Influencing as a Career

Another thing that appeared with the ever-growing popularity of social media is the emergence of personal branding. People started promoting their hobbies and turning them into their full-time jobs. Just take a look at the YouTubers and their unprecedented online success. From the so-called beauty gurus to game streamers, this industry has just started developing.

These online personalities became a powerful influence, thus their new denominator – social influencers. Through their collaborations with big companies, the influencers started promoting products or services on their platforms and to their fanbases. That is how the whole “influencing” business started – for example, a cosmetics brand would send to a popular YouTuber their newest make-up palette, and the YouTuber would then review it in their video. 

Influencer marketing replaced the old technique of hiring celebrities to show up in the advertisements and on billboards next to the product. People are also more likely to believe a “regular” person who is seen as an expert in the field, than a celebrity who doesn’t know the first thing about that shampoo or car they are advertising. 


Quality Content is a Must

Google started adapting its algorithms, such as Google Panda and Google Penguin, whose main goal was to penalize and rank lower websites that are either spam, content farms or do link stuffing. Google’s efforts are turned towards offering its users the best possible content out there and the content that answers their typed inquiries the best. Therefore, the higher the quality, the better are the chances of higher ranking and higher the number of website visitors. 

User-generated content is one of the new popular tactics for involving customers and at the same time securing good content. It’s original, effective, fun and shareable. 


Alexa, What Is Voice Search?

Personal digital assistants, such as Alexa and Siri, are turning into a necessity. People are relying on voice search more often since they are occupied with something else at the moment or simply because let’s face it, it’s more convenient. This is a new field that is still quite fresh, but something that digital marketers need to keep their eye on and see in which ways they can use it for their own gain.



During this decade we saw some drastic improvements and novelties that altered the digital landscape. Marketers needed to keep up with all the news so that they could act accordingly. New algorithms, new social networks, new SEO tactics… If we wish to stay relevant and noticed, we must keep track of everything new that comes along.

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