5 Social Media Myths To Stop Believing Right Now

Even though many marketing myths have been busted, some business owners, and even marketers, still struggle and hold on to some, mostly because they don’t have the time to keep up with everything that is happening on social media platforms. 

It is very important to identify myth from reality so you can create a successful social media campaign, and this article will help you separate facts from fiction. 

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Tips On Preparing Your Post-Covid Digital Marketing Plan

Only a couple of months ago nobody could predict that social distancing and quarantine will become a norm, but today we are living in a different way than we used to, and we have to adapt to the new situation.

Even if you have managed to keep your business running during the crisis, maybe it is time to think about the steps in your digital marketing strategy that should be taken to best prepare for the post-covid period.

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Why Should Every Business Have Chatbot Customer Service in 2020?

If you want to establish a brand and solve the queries of the customers instantly, you will have to implement a chatbot on your website. Chatbots are considered to be the future of customer service since they are a computer program that can have real conversations. A chat interface allows them to communicate with users without any interruptions. They are able to understand written and spoken text, and interpret its meaning. After that, they can look up relevant answers and deliver them to the user.

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