The user experience directly affects bounce and conversions rates, so whether you have an increase or decrease in visits may directly depend on how much you have invested in UX. Companies and small business owners are more aware that they need to guide and assist their website visitors and customers while they are using their website in order to stay competitive against their rivals.

We wanted to help you create the best user experience, and we will share with you 5 useful tips:


1. Make Sure Your CTA (Call to Action) Looks Convincing

CTA tells visitors what to do on your website, and it is an important element which brings a high conversion rate. If you don’t have a visible call to action button, your customers will be clueless about which actions they should take. In order to make everything clear, you should use contrasting colors for the CTA button. It is useful to understand the psychology of colors, and depending on the goal you want to reach, you can pick the ones which will evoke certain emotions in your customers.


2. Loading Speed Really Matters

The ideal loading time for a website is about 3 to 4 seconds. If that time is longer, it is very likely that the user will simply leave your website. People don’t have enough patience to wait for the page to load, and you can lose up to 7% of your conversions in the case of just 1-second delay.


3. Good Customer Service and Contact Information

It is very important to double check all your information related to the contact number of your company and the address written on your website. If that information isn’t available online, your customers will have limited possibilities to reach out to you, and that might be pretty frustrating. Customer support is really important for good user experience. No matter if you decide to hire agents, or use chatbots, people really appreciate when they can get help any time they need it. 


4. Fix Broken Links ASAP

If you have ever been in a situation to click on the link which takes you nowhere, you know how frustrating that is. If your customers get in the same situation, they will probably leave and never come back, because they don’t want to spend their precious time on your website full of dead pages. The easiest way to check your site for free is to use 404 checks and google webmaster tools and fix them as soon as possible.


5. Create Content That Is Easy To Read

You can follow a few simple steps to improve the readability of your pages and site:

  • Make sure your sentences are short
  • Bulleted lists are clear and great for stressing out important information
  • The font should be large enough
  • Use black text on white background, don’t experiment with colors too much
  • Keep the length of your paragraphs at approximately 3 lines

When you finish with text improvements, make sure that there are no unnecessary elements such as aggressive popups so your visitors can have a clear image of what you are offering, and respond to your message in the way you want – by purchasing your products or services.

The online market is very challenging and at the same time very demanding. You will need to be on top of the game so your customers can have a good user experience which will make them want to visit your website again and again. West Palm Beach web designers and developers will improve your UX and help you get the best results in a short period of time! Wait no more, start making your website more user-friendly as soon as possible.

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