There are so many restaurants, and sometimes it might be hard to find a way to stand out from the crowd and attract new customers. The printed menu used to be the first contact between the restaurant and the customer, but nowadays it is more likely that the first impression will be made through the website.

Having this in mind, you will realize that your restaurant website is the most powerful weapon you can use to gain new customers and keep the loyalty of the existing ones. To get the best of it, there are certain things that you should incorporate in your website design. No matter if you are improving the online presence of your restaurant or you are new in this business, we suggest you follow these tips.

Start With The Basics (Address, Phone Number, and Working Hours)

The address of your restaurant, as well as contact number and working hours, should be placed in a central place on your website. This will make people easier to locate you as well as to get in touch with you. If your web design makes people click around to find this information, you can be sure they will become frustrated and simply leave. In case you run your business in multiple locations, make sure to include them all. 

Spotlight Your Menu

You will be surprised that over 90% of people will take a look at the menu before deciding what to eat. Because of that, your website must include a carefully designed menu, with high-quality photos and words that will perfectly describe the meal. Do not, by any circumstances, scan the paper of your menu and attach the PDF file, because most people will find that very annoying. The best thing you can do is to hire a professional photographer who will take the pictures of the specialties you offer, as well to provide a brief, but yet persuading description.

Optimize Locally

Besides looking at the restaurant menu before making table reservations or online ordering, most people search locally without having a specific place in mind. This is especially true for all diners who want to explore new places and taste new dishes. So, if you want to appear in their search and be their next “top restaurant in Boca Raton”, we suggest you optimize the website locally or let Boca Raton web design experts take care of that. We can create a profile at Google Business for you, and provide local SEO to improve your ranking and help you gain new customers. 

Social Media Icons

If you want to make it easy for people to get in touch with you, the restaurant web design should include social media icons that will be linked to your business profiles on various platforms. The benefit of social media is that you will be able to present your customers’ true stories about your brand, get closer to them and make them feel they can trust you. Guests love to use Facebook to discover new places, or Instagram to watch the beautiful behind-the-scenes visuals, so you should not neglect the social media design

Good Web Design is Critical for Your Marketing Efforts

Your online presence has to reflect every point of your business, so use web design wisely to show people what makes your business unique. This will help you attract new customers and make them come back. 

Also, do not forget that your restaurant brand plays a major role since it helps you express who you are, as well as what your guests can expect from you. So, alongside effective web-design, branding one more thing you should pay attention to.