Before plunging head-first into promotions and sponsored ads, one thing you need to take care of first is to build your brand’s identity. This might be the most important step when setting the foundations of your business. 

What does brand identity include and why is it so crucial are just some of the questions we will answer in this post. So, let’s get started!


Who Is Going to Buy from You?

Do you know who is your intended audience? If you don’t, it is of utmost importance to conduct market research and get familiar with the people who will most likely buy or use your product or service. This is your target audience and you need to talk with them. 

Once you have determined your demographic, it is time to create your buyer’s persona. This is a fictional person who encompasses the characteristics of your typical customers. You can even create a visual and give a name to this persona so that you can have a better idea of who you are addressing. 

Depending on age, profession, hobbies, needs, and interests of your buyer’s persona, you will know which type of language you are supposed to be using in your promotional material, on your social media, and on your website. 


What Makes You Special?

What is that one thing that makes your product or service different from all the others? In marketing terms, what is your unique selling proposition? 

As soon as you figured out what that is, make sure to highlight that attribute everywhere. Make it a focal point in all your promotional material. Be sure that it stands out and that people can easily remember it. You can even make it a part of your slogan, with an eye-catching visual and a copy that also rhymes (if you want it to). 

This will help your potential customers to quickly grasp what it is that your product (or service) does better, faster or prettier than your competition. Your ultimate goal is to get recognized while making a profit. Lovely visuals and witty descriptions won’t get you far if you failed to address what makes your offer special and what new you can provide to your customers.


What’s in a Name?

Every brand has its name. What is yours? In case you are still working on the right one, here are a couple of tips to help you get started:

  • Don’t make it too long or complicated to pronounce;
  • Check if it’s available on social networks;
  • You can invent a new word but try to make it relatable to your product; 
  • Don’t emulate your competitors or other companies.

Finding the right name can take some time, so be sure not to rush the process. 


Choose Your Style (and Stick to It)

Planning the visuals is the next step. From your logo, across typography, to the color palette, there are a lot of decisions to be made. However, keep in mind that whatever you do end up choosing, you should try to make it flexible for changes. Meaning that your logo and visual identity can evolve with you.

Make sure to keep consistent with the choices you made and to apply them on your website, social media feed, your product packaging, your newsletters. In this way, you will build your brand identity and your customers and potential customers will be able to remember you more easily.



Setting up your brand and then maintaining it is a demanding task that needs to be worked on constantly. By simply choosing a catchy name and a whimsical design will not be enough to make you stand among your competitors. Building relationships with your customers, being regularly on social media and building your presence are your next steps that need to be always on your mind. 

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