Ecommerce gained a lot of popularity during 2020 and the predictions say that the trend will continue. Various businesses that invested in creating a skilfully crafted eCommerce website witnessed significant improvements in the area of brand loyalty, conversion, and therefore, sales which was the usual initial goal. 

The power of this type of website lay in the quality of design and its elements that imply personalized content and pathways for your visitors, alongside visuals. Only when all of the above-mentioned website elements are in perfect correspondence, we can expect to grow audience and sales. In the next lines, we will present some essential designing aspects for a flourishing eCommerce website.

User–Friendly Navigation

Besides having an attractive looking website, making it easy for visitors to move through it is one of the most important things. As usual, simplicity is the key and by avoiding unnecessary pop-ups and icons on the landing page, we are already on the right path. The search box should be easily visible and accessible from all pages, and keep in mind that appropriate filters save visitors time and nerves. Don’t forget to include as many parameters as possible to narrow down the search and enhance the website UX.

Another thing that your customers will appreciate immensely is being transparent. Be clear about the product’s traits, price, and shipping cost, and don’t forget about the wishlist – the clever option of “save for later” will make your visitor return and finish the purchase.

Integrate High-Quality Images

The way you present your product is crucial for business success. If the images of your items are blurred and confusing, you can’t expect a satisfied visitor. Therefore, you should use high-resolution images that will make your client familiar with the product in detail. The important thing to keep in mind is that we must maintain the balance between image quality and fast loading time. You can do that by resizing and optimizing high-resolution original images to fit an optimal image format that is supported by browsers.

Also, include photographs from various angles that will prove that you don’t have anything to hide, and again, keep it simple by providing a white or another bright color background for the clearest presentation.

Logo Design is Important

One of the core aspects of promoting your company is a professionally done business logo. We process images much faster than words, so by having a good logo you are already promoting your business.

A memorable and strong logo will help your business stand out from the competition and stick in your visitor’s mind. It is projecting your company’s personality and contributes to building customers’ loyalty. Once you gain customers’ trust, they will continue to seek you out. Your logo is what they will be looking for.

Responsive eCommerce Web Design

Your eCommerce website should be appealing to the customers, have a fast loading time, and be able to work perfectly on any device. If you start with a “mobile-first” approach, you are putting your business at a competitive advantage, since most online shoppers are making purchases via smartphones. This is something you can achieve with responsive web design which main role is to make web pages render well on any device or screen size.

We Can Design a Perfect eCommerce Website for Your Business

Our Web Design West Palm Beach Company helped numerous businesses in gaining a good reputation and a network of satisfied consumers. The valuable team that stands in front of our name creates beautifully crafted and flawlessly developed eCommerce websites for any business.

Contact us today for a professional consultation and we promise creative and efficient solutions.

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