You decided to launch a fancy eCommerce store, so you picked some trendy items, got a catchy web design, and can’t wait for the sales to start. However, the results aren’t so impressive, so you want to make some improvements and boost your sales.

But, where do you start? Well, getting an eCommerce store up and running is only the first step of launching a successful business online. You have to make sure your online shop is optimized and user-friendly. We will reveal some of the most popular tactics which will boost your sales and help you reach your revenue goals.


1. Build an Email List

The reason why email marketing works so well is the fact that people choose to hear more from you instead of getting targeted by paid promotions. By creating an email list which includes people who are already interested in your products you will be able to build a strong community without spending a fortune on social media ads.


2. Offer Live Chat Support

Sometimes people don’t buy the product because they have some doubts or questions, and they don’t know who to ask. If you want to be sure that your customers will make the purchase, you should provide real-time help by implementing a live chat. This will help them get all the information for less than a minute and find what they are looking for much faster.


3. Product Demonstration Videos

More than 80% of marketers are using videos as a marketing tool and you will realize this is something your eCommerce shop definitely should include. Videos are fun, easy to understand and people simply love them. They will draw the attention of your potential buyers which will lead to a higher engagement rate. You can create unboxing or product demonstration videos, but make sure that those videos include some useful information, too.


4. Use SEO

When it comes to increasing traffic on your eCommerce store, you can’t ignore using SEO. That means that you should use proper keywords, create engaging content, use social media to grow your audience, create unique descriptive title tags, and meta descriptions. This will help you attract valuable visitors and increase the number of sales by converting more prospects into loyal customers.


5. Integrate Instagram

If your business is located at one of Instagram’s supported markets, you can use Instagram Business profile to link directly to our eCommerce store. Over one billion users actively use this social media platform every month, and that means that Instagram offers a wide-open window for boosting sales. Another way to integrate Instagram is to add your feed to your eCommerce site directly.


6. Show Your Customers’ Reviews

Over 70% of people decide to read reviews and testimonials of people who have already used the product or service they are interested in before making a purchase. If you don’t want to lose a huge revenue potential, you should add ratings for your products, or at least use the testimonials of your loyal and satisfied customers so they can share their experience about your products. Once you have testimonials and ratings on your landing page, you will easily gain the trust of your new customers, and that will help you grow the number of sales.

Each one of the tactics we listed above is effective, but if you implement them all together that will be the winning combination. Our experienced West Palm Beach eCommerce web designers and developers can make your revenue grow faster by using these and many other strategies.

Contact us today to provide all the details regarding your store and business, and we will create a custom-tailored plan which will be rocket fuel for your eCommerce sales!

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