Many debates start with the question of which of the two dominant smartphone platforms is the best choice when developing a mobile app for your businesses. 

At first glance, it seems there aren’t many differences between Android and iOS systems. However, many things need to be considered when choosing the starting point for your app. To help you make that decision easier, we will outline some of the pros and cons to develop your app on either of these two platforms. 

Android Apps

Android is the preferred operative system for smartphone users across the globe. It comes with a large geographical coverage and that is only one of its advantages. Let’s look at the reasons to choose this platform for developing your app.

Prevention of Technical Issues

When you have an experienced team of web designers working on your website, one of their basic roles is to ensure that there are no technical difficulties that can cause website crashes or poor functioning. Even the slightest delay in page loading can make your visitor unsatisfied and harm your marketing efforts greatly.

When you have a well-functioning website, that reflects positively on your brand image, too. Web designers have a major impact not only on the aesthetics of the website but on its functioning as well.


  • Short approval process. Once you decide to publish your app, it will not take long for the Android Store to get their authorization. 
  • Open features Some characteristics of the app that other platforms ban are open and available for Android users. That is a reason why developers prefer creating for Android – it allows them to create more complex and exciting things. To learn more about mobile app development and get high-quality service you can get in touch with our web designers and developers at any time.
  • Doesn’t depend on hardware. The Android operating system was created to fit different hardware. Because of that, you can be sure your app will be available for clients even if they don’t use the same mobile device as you.


  • Hardware independence and test running. The paradoxical thing about Android OS is that its greatest virtue can also be its biggest flaw. As it is a cross-device platform, you will need to consider all of the parameters that will have to work properly after each update. Also, because it is developed for various types of devices, it can be pretty hard to run tests for all of them. It would be time-consuming going through all of them.
  • It can be expensive. Having in mind test runs and hardware independence the cost of it all can get quite high. It might take a lot of time and other resources to get the app to satisfy the highest standards, but if you have a professional team of developers by your side, you can be sure they will find a perfect solution within your budget.

iOS Apps

iOS is a platform that comes with many benefits and shortcomings as well. Though it is the OS of choice for many users in Western Europe and North America, its limited coverage shouldn’t be the reason to discard it. Thus, here we present the pros for developing an app for iOS.


  • Uniformed design. The iOS platform comes with highly detailed instructions for development, so developers will work according to a certain scheme. They will not have to think about resolutions, screen size, or various devices. 
  • Meticulous testing. Since the hardware is pretty much the same for all iOS devices, testing an app will be simpler and quicker. Developers have perfected the emulator for this platform, so there aren’t many that can match it when it comes to debugging.
  • It is lucrative. Over the years Apple gained the trust of many users who are willing to pay for the apps. That is also true when it comes to extensions and pro versions. Thus, iOS can be a good choice if you look to enlarge your profit.


  • Publishing. Since apps go through various tests, not all of them will meet the standards. Therefore, many of them will be turned down, so you should think twice before hiring an iOS developer for the project. It is important to hire IT experts who have all the necessary knowledge and expertise. 
  • Lack of customization. Because there are standardized instructions to create an app for iOS, there is not much space for customization. That is why many developers rather pick Android, but the skilled ones will know how to deal with this and find the perfect option for your business app.

Android or iOS – Conclusion

To conclude, there are enough reasons to pick or ditch any of the two platforms. In this field, Android and iOS stand as equal opponents. So, to make your decision, we suggest you consult with our app engineers. They will help you understand the benefits that each of the platforms can bring to your business. No matter which platform you choose, you can be sure that we will be able to deliver high-end apps.