Not too long ago, the Internet of Things (IoT) was deemed nothing more than a passing fad. The idea of connecting billions of devices was termed a mere exaggeration. Today, there is no doubt that technology has become one with the industrial sector.

In fact, the Internet of Things is considered to be one of the top technologies for investment in the next five years.

From smart TVs in board rooms, internet-based Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, CCTV cameras to modern lighting systems, there is no area that does not depend on the internet in some form.

While it was in such wide-spread use, it was perhaps inevitable to be faced with certain IoT security concerns. Hiring a leading web design and web development company with a team of expert web and app developers is the only way to guarantee safe internet-based device usage.

With that being said, here we have compiled a brief list of the 4 most common IoT security concerns it’s essential to keep track of.

Default Credentials Threat

The problem with default usernames and passwords is that it leaves the door open for backdoors (pun not intended) to be accessed using these default credentials. Individuals and corporations alike would do well to ensure they use proper authentication and encryption of their communications at every stage.

Standard Devices Threat

Another major IoT concern is that devices we use everyday like printers and smart TVs pose a significant security threat. These threat vectors are very technology-driven and might be used to illegally gain access to users’ networks and private data.

Low Level of Mobile Security

Poor mobile application safety is a common IoT vulnerability to encounter. One of the biggest causes of concern is users storing data on mobile apps. While iOS devices are slightly less risky than Android ones, storing any kind of sensitive data on a mobile device should raise several security red flags. If the user loses their smartphones, without a backup all valuable data will be lost.


Difficulty In Loading Security Software 

Security agents like antivirus software is relatively difficult to load on to IoT devices. This is a big challenge for IoT-based startups. Many companies don’t have access to endpoint security for all their connected devices such as security cameras, printers etc. Essentially, this means that there’s no way of ensuring these devices aren’t doing anything suspicious.

Sadly, this list was just the tip of the iceberg. There are several more IoT security issues like rogue IoT devices, concerns arising from radio frequencies, IP vulnerabilities, and a general lack of awareness.

To ensure your data is safe and secure, hire a reputable web design and web development company. Our team of web and app developers have years of experience in effectively tackling all web and mobile security issues.

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