Are you planning to start your very own social media campaign? Even though it seems like everybody is running campaigns and that it is fairly simple, there are a couple of steps that you should consider before launching yours.

First of all, what is a social media campaign? A very technical definition would go something like this: the campaign includes a number of coordinated actions that have an end goal of increasing certain metrics. Those metrics can be the number of likes on the page, the number of final buyers, or any other measurable impression. 

Before you create visuals and copy and way before setting your campaign, you should focus on the wished outcomes of this marketing tool and decide what you want to achieve with it. To not lose track during this process, read on to find out what you should keep in mind. 


Set Goals

Make sure that you are quite clear with everybody on your team what you wish that this campaign accomplishes. Remember that you have a limited time period during which you will present your new product or service to the audience. Deciding on setting measurable goals will also help you see if your campaign was successful or not.


Know Your Audience

And listen to them. Your campaign is targeting your potential buyers so you need to speak directly to them. Do detailed research of your ideal buyer and try to fine-tune your campaign according to their needs and tastes. Think about the ways to present your offer in a brand new way, but also in a way that will get your customers to act right away, that is to buy whatever it is that you are selling right away.


Analyze the Competition 

The point of this step is to get informed on what is your competition doing and then doing the exact opposite. See what works for them and what doesn’t. What is it that you like in their presentation and what is it that you dislike? What can be done better?


Choose the Platform

Whether you want your campaign to be only on Instagram, or on every platform imaginable, it heavily depends on your customers’ demographic. When you figure out where most of your buyers come from, you can more easily decide the shape of your campaign. Either focus on one platform only or make the action plan for multiple, but don’t overwhelm yourself or your customers.


Content Selection and Approach

When it comes to getting down to actually shaping your message make sure that you are sticking to your envisioned goal. Here are a couple of ideas on how you can approach this:

  1. Involve influencers, not celebrities – it makes so much more sense to involve a person from the industry than some random celebrity who doesn’t know anything about your brand or your products;
  2. Keep track of current trends and use them for your benefit – more and more companies are using memes, Instagram story filters, and other fun new content. If you decide to lean towards this, make sure to do it in good taste and without going overboard;
  3. Make a stance on current events – this can be quite tricky so try to avoid controversial topics. This can either make or break your image among your audience. Tread carefully in these waters and stick only to topics relevant to your industry.



A social media campaign isn’t just coming up with a cool hashtag and a funny picture. To get exposure to a wider audience you need to think everything through and think ten steps ahead. You also need to predict reactions and have answers to each possible question that may arise. Planning a campaign is definitely an intricate task that needs your full attention and dedication if you want to do it the right way. 

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