How To Determine The Quality Of Your UX Design?

Every designer’s biggest concern is devising a product that will be easy and satisfying to use but measuring User Experience is not without its challenges either. However, numerous qualitative and quantitative methods can help us determine the quality of our UX design including quite a few metrics that can help us shine a light on the success of our project.

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Ways Mobile Apps Are Revolutionizing Digital Marketing


What does digital marketing have to do with mobile applications? A lot actually.

in fact, digital marketing and mobile applications go hand-in-hand.

According to the Pew Research Center, 77% of the American population owns a smartphone. With so many people switching to smartphones, it’s easy to see why they’ve become an important part of our lives.

In fact, a survey conducted by Google shows that 91% of people admitted to using their phones to brainstorm ideas during work.

Mobile apps are becoming a significant part of everyone’s lives. Whether it’s to watch videos, keeping up with daily tasks, or monitoring performance, both individuals and businesses can benefit from them.

But more than that, they are revolutionizing the way businesses function. Here’s how:

A Jack of All Trends

One of the biggest perks of creating your own mobile application is that it’s easier to keep in touch with the latest trends in the industry.

You can gain extensive knowledge of what consumers want and need, and what their expectations are.

Now imagine being a salon owner. You specialize in hair care. Your app has a feedback option. This is advantageous because it allows you to get direct feedback from clients.

After they avail a discount on a service using an app promo code, they can directly send you details about their experience. Does you salon need improvement? What can it do to improve your services?


All of these questions become easier to answer through a mobile app. In fact, you can also find out what your clients expect from you. Perhaps, there’s a new facial trending and you don’t offer it. But your clients want you to. This opens a doorway for improvement.

Offer More Value

No matter which industry you specialize in, there’s one thing that’s certain: customer service is important.

Your customers are some of your biggest assets and in order to keep them from deviating to competitors, you need to make sure you give them your best.

Your mobile app will allow them to gain access to on-hand information about your company without visiting your website. Secondly, it will give them push notifications, which allows direct communication to be set up.

When you launch a new product or offer discounts, they will get a notification. Furthermore, let’s say you’re in the food and beverage industry, your clients don’t need the traditional “points” card. They can simply get points on the app that they can use to make purchases.

Brand Recognition

Let’s just admit that social media can’t be king if your followers don’t know anything about you. Mobile apps and social media marketing go hand-in-hand—you need the latter to market the former, yet you need the former to gain followers for the latter!

But if you REALLY want to gain recognition for your brand, make your mobile app hip, trendy, seamless, and beautifully-designed.

When your app is easy to use, your potential clients will be more willing to download and recommend it to their social circle.

But before you launch your app, make sure to get it tested by an expert to ensure its functionality.

This is where we come in! We at Ajroni Enterprises use our expertise and extensive knowledge to provide superior web app testing, web development, design, and SEO services.

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