The first impression means a lot, and you have to be sure that your website is easy to use, informative, and eye-catching at the same time. This is easier said than done, of course. Creating an appealing web design is crucial because if you do just one thing wrong that can repel your visitors for good.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, we listed some of the most common web design mistakes that you should avoid. This will help you increase the number of visitors coming to your website, which will potentially lead to higher revenue. So, let’s start.


1. Hard To Read Text

When it comes to typography, web designers mostly make the same mistake. They pick trendy fonts just because they are cool-looking and it turns out they are practically unreadable. There are thousands of different fonts out there so you can find the one creative and readable enough, for sure. You should pay attention to font size, and make sure it isn’t too small or too large (consider around 16px the minimum for your body font size), the spacing between letters and font color which has to be dark enough.


2. No Visible Contact Details

Not listing your contact details is one of the most common web design mistakes. If people have to spend a lot of time searching for your phone number or email address, they will probably decide to leave your website and use the services of some other company. So, make sure your contact information is visible and provide as many contacting options as possible – contact form, social media, Skype, etc.


3. Combining Text and Image

Another mistake web designers make is putting a text on one large image file instead of combining text with the photo. The problem here is that if you have just one image file search engines wouldn’t be able to recognize the text written on it. That means that your rankings will be low and potential customers wouldn’t be able to find you online because your website will not appear in search results when they type a certain phrase or keyword. So, keep the text and image separated, and ensure your website is readable by search engines.


4. Music and Videos Which Play Automatically

This is something people simply don’t like. Visitors want to choose when and where they can play a video or audio content. Majority of people are browsing from mobile phones, and that means they might be at the office, bus stop, and many other places which are not that suitable for playing any video or audio content.


5. Slow Load Time

If your website doesn’t load in three seconds or less on a desktop, tablet, and mobile you will have a problem. You have to make your website load quickly because some researches show that 47% of visitors expect a web page to load per two seconds or less, and 40% of people leave the websites which need more than three seconds to load. If you are not sure about your website load speed, you can use Google or any other speed test to find out.

The website is your major tool in the digital market place. Without the audience who likes and uses your website, you won’t be able to grow your business. It is very important to avoid these common web design mistakes and ensure that your visitors can easily contact you and find the necessary information. Our West Palm Beach Web Design agency has been creating quality, responsive websites for years, so if you want to be sure your website will attract traffic, and turn that traffic into your customers, give us a call!

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