The spectrum of feelings and impressions that your customer gets when in touch with your business has a lot to do with the brand design. The power of it goes beyond a good logo or a memorable name. 

With so many successful brands all around us, web designers have numerous examples to learn from. The skill is really shown when binding together a unique voice of the business with the already established design elements that work. The design language or design vocabulary that is used helps to build trust and consistency while a smart combination and choice of colors, typography, animation, and data visualization creates our brand design system that tells a personal story.

By now, we hope you understand why consistent and well thought through brand design matters and that a smart design can positively affect our business. 

Creating a Brand Identity

Brand identity is what everything else (like website design and app design) revolves around. The visual identity that we create by using certain colors, typography, and implementing our business core values is what creates the first impression of our business. The way that we organize our online presentations and profiles gives our customers an opportunity to learn more about us. All the visible elements of our brand are, in fact, our brand identity. They should coexist in harmony consistently for the best possible impression. 

Having a Clear Message

Believing in your service and product is the right start, and the next step is to convince your customers, too. People like companies who stand for something more important than the profit they hope to make. Business’ messages and visions are transferred to the customer through appropriate pictures, words, or both. Everyone should easily understand what it is that you promise and why it is important for them. Your core values need to be put on display at all times alongside authenticity. The main idea is that your brand image reflects what your business really stands for.

Being Consistent

This is a crucial thing when we talk about building and maintaining trust. Wherever your brand is represented, keeping a consistent image is its main task. From services and products to offices and employees, the brand design needs to stay effective, relevant, and true to its goals.

That is why every client should have a branding rulebook. This document represents a guide for a web designer and it outlines what to do and what not to do when it comes to the logo, fonts, color palette, and all other visual identity elements. This is how everyone in the team knows which direction to take. In the end, the point of consistency is that customers unmistakably and intuitively know that it’s your brand they’ve encountered.

Improving Instead of Recreating

Related to consistency, a complete redesign of your brand can break the trust that you have been building for so long. On the other hand, a simple redesign and small tweaks can bring a new boost for your brand. Through non-intrusive color refreshments or minor font adjustments, you can still improve the general appearance and stay devoted to the initial idea. Adding some great photos that reflect your personality and style can help your website and business stand out from the crowd.  

Finally, Achieving the Desired Standard

Without consistency, there is no standard and with unstable brand identity, we won’t get the reputation we hope for. 

In order to achieve all of the above, you may need professional assistance. Apart from logo and website design, our West Palm Beach design team is responsible for complete branding. Leave design to us and commit entirely to your business.

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