We are sure that the expression ‘’the only constant thing is change’’ sounds familiar to you. We can use it in every segment of website development, especially when it comes to design. Trends tend to come and go each year and we are all witnesses of those fast changes. 

That’s why we prepared the list of some outdated trends, so you could always keep your website fresh and visually appealing.


Aggressive Pop-Ups

There is nothing more repellent than constant pop-ups on someone’s website. There are numerous interesting ways to attract visitors’ attention and pop-ups are not one of them. Usually, when a person comes to your website they have a clear goal — to find something specific or gain new knowledge. So, if you want to improve your web design, change those pop-ups with interesting calls to action and you will see how beneficial that can be.


Huge and Generic Images

High-quality images are always eye-pleasing. But once you upload them to your website, they become the worst nightmare for every visitor. We live in a busy world and no one has time to wait for an image to load. Instead, people will simply press the X button and leave your website.

Nowadays, you can reduce the size of an image, without losing any quality. That said, you should keep an eye on your image size since it can cost you new visitors.

While we are discussing images, there is one other thing you should avoid. Generic photos that circulate around the Internet. People like to see real photos that are not overused. So, don’t just download the first image you see, but spend some time and look for the one that will be the perfect fit.


Too Many Widgets

Widgets are useful tools when you implement them to the website properly. But oftentimes they can bring more problems than benefits. Think about the ones that can help your clients and turn them into returning visitors. Everything that benefits them is great, but don’t install the ones that aren’t useful just because they look good.


Complex Navigation

Complex navigation creates a lot of distractions. If something is difficult to find people will seek it on another place rather than spending their time looking for a way to navigate through your website.

Simplicity is the key and it will lead you to more conversions. So, make a minimal navigation menu that will give users information they need and lead them toward the action you desire.


Mixed Typography

Clean and neat web design excludes mixed fonts. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to choose just one and stick to it always. But when someone combines a multitude of different fonts it doesn’t look professional at all.

This is a trend we often see on websites but it is the one that can be easily adjusted. So, if you are the person who used to mix and match different fonts, you might want to change that.


Autoplay Videos

At one point, this was a very popular thing to put on the website. Well, we are in 2020 now, and people don’t want to lower down the volume on their computer because some random video automatically starts when they enter the website.

Imagine waiting for the doctor’s appointment and when you are there you decide to visit someone’s website and kill some time. All of a sudden, some video starts playing and breaks the silence in the waiting room. All eyes would be on you and you would never enter that website again. So, think twice before you decide to implement this feature to your web design.


As you can see, simplicity is one of the things that will mark the years that come. Make your website neat, optimized and full of educational material and the results will follow. If you need help, you can always contact our West Palm Beach web design team.

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