If you are hiring an agency to create a website for the first time, it could be very tricky to pick the right one. Or maybe you had some unsuccessful collaborations in the past and you decided that this time, you will make it right? Whatever the case, you have a vast online catalog in front of you, and not knowing what to expect from the agency can lead you in the wrong direction.

That is why asking the right questions before you even share your ideas is crucial. The secret to a flourishing relationship between you and the agency is good communication.  Since you don’t need to know much about the topic, you are free to ask your website design and development agency as many questions as you need.

It is always good to have something to start with, so we will share the most essential subjects that your website agency team should clarify. Before we begin, keep in mind that their approach, methods, and working process should be transparent and that every website agency needs to take time to bring their way of doing business closer to you.

Question no. 1: Can You Walk Me Through the Working Process?

Knowing the workflow of the website agency helps you understand the process. Depending on what you hear, you can already have some idea if you can align your own processes to theirs. Find out how they manage if you are late with the feedback and approval. Do they wait or work further based on the work done so far? And what about the website prototypes – how often will you see those? It is important that you make yourself available but what about their responsiveness? That brings us to the next question.

Question no. 2: What Is the Structure of the Team That Works on a Project?

Knowing who you will be communicating with on a daily basis is important. Learn about how many people are there and what is their job description. For example, do you get a committed project manager or you communicate directly to the web developers and designers and team? It is good to know whether or not the agency is outsourcing some work. This is not necessarily a red flag, but these are the things that a client should be familiar with.

Question no. 3: How Customized Will My Website Be?

Everything that the website agency team does depends on your budget. In case you are paying a great deal of money and you want the most professional product, you should certainly ask this question. Do they work on a pre-built theme or your website will be fully custom made? How many original or unique pages will there be? Ask these questions and detect the particularities of the answer.

Question no. 4: Did You Work on a Similar Website Before?

You probably already checked the agency’s portfolio, but finding the examples of how they managed to improve some company’s digital presence and reputation is what you are aiming for. It is more than promising to be presented with beautiful websites, but keep in mind that responsive and functioning web design is your ultimate goal. So, check the other websites they created on some other device, like a smartphone or tablet, besides the desktop.

Question no. 5: What Does Your Price Include?

After your website is launched, it is important to know what will happen when it encounters some difficulties. Who will take care of the bugs or monthly check-ups? Does it cost more to stay in touch with them? Who owns the source code – you or the agency? Ask the specifics and get familiar with the post-launch plan because that website is a living thing and it certainly needs attention.

Our West Palm Beach web developers and designers certainly know how to revive your old website or create a new one. Check out our portfolio and don’t hesitate to ask any questions because it is our goal that you fully understand our offer and capabilities.

Contact Ajroni Enterprises today and let’s create something good together!

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