This specific type of website refers to the one that responds to the screen of the device that is browsed on. The goal is to have a website that we navigate through easily and rapidly on both the laptop and mobile phone, and that is exactly what responsive web design can manage. Nowadays, when half of the world uses mobile devices exclusively for browsing and shopping, businesses are advised to transform their current websites to responsive ones.

Due to its time-saving and positive UX traits, responsive web design directly affects your SEO and therefore, can significantly help your ranking and business growth. 

Faster Page Loading

Most of the website visitors expect the page to load in not more than 2 seconds and for business websites, the expectations are even higher. Probably the biggest advantage of responsive web design is that it doesn’t keep the visitor waiting and ensures the pages load as fast as possible. Also, it leaves no room for irrelevant content and visuals that might slow down the page, so it directly enhances your website’s aesthetics, too.

Giving your visitor a positive UX experience in transitioning from desktop and tablet to smartphone, you automatically help your SEO.

Unique Content – No Duplicates

If you build a separate mobile version of the website, in most cases the content will be duplicated, since creating pages from scratch would take a lot of time and money. With the same or similar content placed at two different URLs, Google bots automatically get confused and unable to determine which version should be indexed. Further, this directly harms your mobile site credibility in the terms of search engines’ viewpoint.

Because of that, you need to have a single URL with the original content that can be accessible and visible on any device we want, and that is what responsive web design is here for.

Improved Bounce Rate

The satisfied website user is what you certainly aim for, so you want to keep it on the page for as long as possible. That is not only a sign of good user experience, but it is good for your SEO, too. That is why we need to have a website that looks good and performs well on any device.

The bounce rate is determined by the percentage of users who visit the page and leave without the website exploration. The reasons for the drop-out are various, but once you have a responsive website with the core value of providing a great UX, you can be sure that that directly affects the bounce rate in a good way.

Google Appreciates Responsive Web Design

SEO follows what Google seems to approve, and it is very fond of responsive websites. Since 2015, Google included it as a ranking factor and suggested the designers implement responsive web design more – “Google recommends webmasters follow the industry best practice of using responsive web design, namely serving the same HTML for all devices and using only CSS media queries to decide the rendering on each device.”

Since Google is still pretty dominant in the search, listening to what it says will help your SEO and get you the rankings you want.

Team of Professional Web Designers is a Click Away From You

At Ajroni Enterprises, we know well how hard it is to succeed when you are at the beginning of your business journey, but we also know various techniques that can help you and your business grow in a short time. One of those methods is creating a responsive web design that will put a spotlight on you and ensure the right opportunities.

Contact our West Palm Beach Web Designers today and ensure yourself many satisfied website visitors!

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