Web Restaurant niche has its own qualities and characteristics that when addressed properly make the difference between a website that customers bounce off and dislike, and one that customers come back to whenever they are feeling hungry. Below are few concepts that are key to restaurant web design.

The color pattern has immense value on the first impression viewers get when they view a web restaurant. Designers at Canva have done a great job displaying different palette types for inspiration as seen here. For web restaurant, odd colors dissatisfy the user, thus increasing the chances of bounce-off. Dark colors are also a no-go. The colors should be light, but not too bright as to cause discomfort. A combination of orange, white, and red color palette is the best choice to go for in restaurant website design.

The menu is of great importance. Customers want to see everything the website offers, including special dishes and premium food. The design of menu should fit best with what customers would be most likely looking for. For example, a restaurant known for its pizza should have pizzas menu listed higher.

Overstuffed information and detail is a red-flag. Web restaurant should not provide a stuffed menu because looking for a dish would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. If the menu is long, only key dishes should be included. The restaurant template must be divided into sections which customers can easily identify.

Addressing those key concepts will lead to a better restaurant website design which in turn attracts customers and increases the profits.

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