Even though many marketing myths have been busted, some business owners, and even marketers, still struggle and hold on to some, mostly because they don’t have the time to keep up with everything that is happening on social media platforms. 

It is very important to identify myth from reality so you can create a successful social media campaign, and this article will help you separate facts from fiction. 



1. You Should Only Focus On Getting Followers That Will Become Customers


We cannot deny that quality is important, but you should not underestimate the power of large social media reach. The more fans and followers you get, the more people will hear about you, since you will become visible to their friends and followers too. When they share your content your outreach will improve, and even if they do not purchase from you they can refer you to somebody who will buy your product. 



2. Schedule Posts Only During Working Days


The pique of social media engagement times is usually in the middle of the week, but you can also have high engagement during evenings and weekends. This doesn’t mean that you should force your social media manager to work on the weekends, but you should schedule posts and launch ads during weekends. 



3. Likes From Your Friends and Family Are Enough to Skyrocket Your Business


It is easy to tell your mom, brother, uncle or other relatives to like your posts, but if you want social media feed to favor your content, you will need a variety of people to interact with the things you share. Instead of encouraging your family and friends to like your posts, engage your followers to comment, share, like and interact with your content and help you boost your brand awareness. 



4. Respond to Social Activity Instantly


People appreciate speedy responses, but this doesn’t mean that this is something you must do. Your followers understand that you run business and that many other things are happening in your day. You should tend to reply promptly, but not necessary in seconds. On the other hand, if somebody shares complaints about your service/products, and that post is public and visible to other followers, you should consider writing a thoughtful reply ASAP because that will show that you are taking that feedback seriously. 



5. Social Media Offers Completely Free Marketing


Yes, it is free to join social media networks, and you can even post for free, but if you want to build a successful strategy, you will need help from an experienced marketer, and you will probably have to pay for it. After you set the marketing plan, you will have to invest in campaigns that will promote your business to your target audience. Although social media marketing isn’t completely free, it is still one of the most affordable ways to collect leads, raise brand awareness and reach a wider audience. 


Actual Research-Backed Tactics That Will Improve Your Social Media Presence

After we’ve gone through some of the most common social media myths, it is time to move on real tricks and tips that can help you get the most of the social media you are using for business.

If you need someone who can create a powerful social marketing strategy for you, boost brand awareness and reach, our team of professional and creative marketers will find the best ways to help you stand out on the social media market and build a credible image. 

This will help you increase revenue, and spread the word about your services or products on the social media platforms. Even if you are not sure which social media channel is the best for your business, our West Palm Beach digital marketers will be there to help you. 

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