Maybe you have an idea of how your app should look like and you have started researching the entire process of app development. You need someone who can create a mobile app for your business, and you are looking for the best agency to hire.

When you are hiring an app development agency, you should be completely aware of how mobile app development process looks like, and which stages you need to follow. We will list some of the steps most web developers need to go through when they want to build a successful mobile app and help you understand how this entire process looks like.


1. Deep Market Research

Analyzing the market before starting the development of your app will help you get insights about your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses. This will help you avoid the mistakes they made based on the reviews of their customers. Also, you will realize what users like or dislike, so you can create an app which will win over your competitor’s clients.


2. Sketching The Idea

This can help you realize how your final product will look like. You can create hand-drawn or any other sketch which can be used as a foundation for the future UX design. It should include the features you want to have in the final version of your app.


3. Prototype Building

This will help you realize how the actual app will perform. It will help you see if the development process of your app is going in the right direction, or if there are some things you should change. This is also important if you have investors for your project because you will have material to show them and ensure further investments.


4. Testing the Prototype

When you finish building the prototype, testing should be done. The feedback and suggestions you get from testers will help you make improvements and define the functionalities and features of your app before the coding stage begins. The testers can be your friends, colleagues, relatives or any other people you know.


5. Building the App

This stage consists of two phases – development of back-end and the development of app designs. During this stage, all the bugs and crashes will be eliminated and you will finally have a clear image of how your mobile app will look like. When the app is built, it is important to test it and make sure no surprising issues will pop-up. This testing is the same as prototype testing and can bring valuable suggestions and feedback information.


6. Release to Market

When the development process is finished, and all the issues are fixed, it is time to launch your app into a digital market. Depending on the stores you choose for your app’s release this process might take some time until they approve it. Regardless of the chosen store, you should have the screenshots, description, titles, and logo which will attract the users to download your app.


7. Maintenance

If you think the job is over when the app is released, you’re wrong! If you want to get the best of your app you will need post-launch support and optimization. Based on the reviews you get from your users, you might have to optimize your app’s features and functions. If you want to beat your competitors, you will need to update it regularly and to release new versions.

The process of creating and releasing an app consists of several crucial steps every web developer should follow. It is very important to have a clear image of how this process looks like before starting with the development. Our West Palm Beach web designers will be happy to provide more information and answer all your questions at any time. Together we can create a strategy and find the best solution for your final product.

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