The most popular layout design trends

design layout trends

Web design is a creative field where the possibilities are practically endless. Given that every layout affects the user experience in significant ways, there are several unique approaches to layout designs that you can take.

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To stay abreast with the latest industry trends, take a look at 5 of the most popular layout design trends this year!

Overlapping Elements Approach

Website designers are making a conscious step away from minimalistic, ‘clean’ design elements and following a multi-layered text, color, and image approach. For example, covering an image with a card above a block of color will help to bring the core content to center stage. Other similar ideas revolve around:

Layered Text

To create a less constricted web design; layer text over high-resolution images. Using a fade effect on a text body over a monochromatic background image is another way of making web design look less card-based.

Floating Titles

Another way to incorporate overlapping elements is by adding floating titles over images. It’s up to the designer to play with this design practice to create a unique look. For instance, you could shrink a hero image and add one portion of a floating title over it.

design layout trends

Horizontal Layout

If you don’t want your website’s design to be overly crowded, consider a horizontal layout. Use horizontal cards for important content layout. This approach works well for mobile screens too, where the content adapts for vertical scrolling.

Parallax Effect

To increase the perception of depth in your website layout design, use parallax scrolling. This includes layering text, graphics, and images to tie them to the user’s scroll position.

Not only does this effect create more dynamic designs, but it also moves foreground information faster than background information, creating a natural flow.

Offset Headers and Columns

Let’s be clear, complex embellishments like animations are not necessary to make a layout design engaging. Consider breaking out of the confines of symmetry by offsetting elements using headers and columns. Designers even use scroll-triggered animations with split screens to enhance users’ experience.

Split Screens

Split screens are becoming an increasingly popular way to effectively break up large blocks of text in a website’s layout. To deliver a unified message to the audience, include complementary content on each side of the screen.

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