B2B websites usually have to explain a lot to engage the visitors to make a purchase, because they simply aren’t as impulsed buyers as end consumers are. However, that doesn’t mean that your B2B website should be just a static brochure, what is more, it can be your strongest selling point. 

So, B2B website design should be focused on generating leads, and encourage those leads to get through the sales funnel on their own. Your web design should be able to reflect the goals and pain points of your target audience and attract leads organically. Besides, you should pay attention to typography, carefully select photos, videos and more. To help you go through the B2B website design process as smoothly as possible, we picked some of the most important things your website should include. 


1. Call To Action Above the Fold

When people browse online and visit a specific website, they are mostly looking for a solution to their needs. There are three main CTAs your website should include: awareness CTAs (white papers and eBooks), considerations CTAs (testimonials and case studies), and decision CTAs (demos and free trials). Depending on your business goals, you should decide which one of these CTAs will be your primary one, and put them on a visible place, so the users can find them without scrolling. 


2. Simplified Navigation

If the navigation on your homepage isn’t readily available, that will affect and increase your bounce rate. People’s decisions are based on a first impression, so the navigation on your homepage can make your website appealing or cause visitors to look for a comprehensive competitor. Keep in mind that navigation has to be user-friendly, and allow users to quickly and easily find what they are looking for.


3. Functional and Standout Design

Web design trends are constantly changing. The best way to ensure that your B2B website design isn’t outdated and obsolete after a certain period of time is to use consistent photos, colors, and fonts which will make your overall presence contemporary. You will have to find a perfect balance between modern and functional, and ensure that web design you’ve created will attract and engage visitors.


4. Testimonials and Case Studies

As we already mentioned, testimonials and case studies are among the most important CTAs because they can help your B2B establish credibility and gain the trust of your existing and potential customers. People want to see how your service can solve their problem, and there is no better way to show them that than a real, proof of success from the people who already tested your products and services.


5. Fast Page Load Speed

Thanks to the increasing usage of mobile devices, page load speed today matters more than ever. Even Google considers this one of the most important factors that determine your search ranking. Page load speed is crucial for good user experience, so don’t lose your potential buyers over something that can be easily improved. 


Do You Need A B2B Website That Converts?

If you want to be sure that your B2B website design will provide a seamless, enjoyable experience to your visitors and turn them into your buyers, we suggest you follow the above-mentioned steps. No matter if you want to improve your existing website, or create a new one, this will help you reach your business goals. 

In case you want your website to be as effective as possible, and you can’t design it on your own, you should hire our professional West Palm Beach website design agency. They will know how to make a perfect combo which will represent your B2B business in the best light!

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