The most powerful tool you have in your website. It is the first place people will visit to learn more about your services or products, so it is very important to have a site that will engage users and make a positive first impression.

However, you don’t want people just to visit your website, you want them to stay there and explore it and eventually make a purchase because the only way to turn visitors into customers is to keep them interested long enough.

We have a few tips that will help you engage people to stay longer on your website and we listed them below.


Create Readable, Quality Content

The first thing that people see when visiting your website are headlines, so make sure it is interesting and catchy because that will make people continue reading. If the visitors aren’t interested in what your headline is about, they will probably leave your site instantly.

Make sure you provide relevant information to your visitors and that the content you’ve created answers their questions and needs. Large blocks of text will scare people away, so keep it simple and easy to read by using subheadlines and short sentences.

Don’t forget that not all people like to read, some prefer listening to the audio, while others choose to watch videos. Producing your content across different mediums will keep the visitors on your website much longer. For example, if you already have written text, you can use it for your video. Once the video is made, you will be able to create an audio podcast from the video’s audio track. The transcript of those audio podcasts can also be used for a blog post.


Prioritize Visual Appeal

People will probably not stay on pages that don’t appeal to them visually. Keep in mind that your web design should be modern and effective, and you should use colors wisely to put a spotlight on the information you want your visitors to see as soon as they open your webpage.

At the same time, simple design will be more appealing but it will also contribute to a faster loading time which is one more plus.


Use an Exit-Intent Pop-Up

With an exit intent pop up, you will be able to detect when your visitor intends to leave and prompt them with a targeted campaign to stay engaged. Exit-intent pop-ups are attention-grabbing, and that makes them very effective. For example, you can invite visitors to chat with a support agent, recommend popular blog posts to read or offer a lead magnet for joining your email list which is hard to resist.

Add Call-To-Action at The End Of Each Post

The best time to ask your visitors to take action is just after they’ve finished reading your post/ watching your video because they tend to leave as soon as they find the information they were looking for. With an appropriate CTA, you will give them a reason to stay on your site or to stay in touch via your email newsletter.


Your Website Navigation Should Be Easy and Clear

When you have a website that is hard to navigate, people will not bother themselves and they will simply leave. You should place a navigation bar and at the top of your site where it can easily be found. The navigation bar should include the most important pages of your website such as your blog, contact or about us page.

Following the above-mentioned should help you keep the visitors on your site longer. Depending on how much traffic you have on your website you may see the results pretty soon, or after a few weeks or even months. If you decide to leave this to professionals, the best West Palm Beach web developers and designers from Ajroni Enterprises will be there to help you get the best of your website.

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