Only a couple of months ago nobody could predict that social distancing and quarantine will become a norm, but today we are living in a different way than we used to, and we have to adapt to the new situation.

Even if you have managed to keep your business running during the crisis, maybe it is time to think about the steps in your digital marketing strategy that should be taken to best prepare for the post-covid period.

It is impossible to create a strategy that will fit everyone, but it is important to meet the expectations of your specific audience. 


Update Your eCommerce Website

Even if you run a 100% online business, the pandemic has probably affected it in one way or another. Maybe you had to change shipment (especially international ones), delivery time, return policies and other. As we are, hopefully, getting closer to the end of the crisis, you should inform your customers that your business is getting back to normal too. 

This means that you should update your working hours, order processing time as well as delivery time, note that some of the activities or services you stopped offering during a pandemic are available again, etc. Make sure that all the information is visible, clear and understandable.


Optimize Your Paused Campaigns and Revise Email Templates

In case you have put some campaigns on hold, it is about time to revise them. In case you are providing services that require physical contact like hair salons, gyms, beauty salons and other, make sure to explain how they will be provided in the current situation. 

Since every segment of your marketing plan had to be changed and adjusted to the pandemic, maybe you have deleted some blocks from your email templates (working hours, pick-up options, and other). If you have done this, make sure to get them back.


Send Information About Reopening

People should know that you are getting back to business. However, this doesn’t mean that you should spam the audience daily with the same message. Instead, create one, comprehensive and well-organised information, and that will be enough. No matter if you decide to use text with small images, or you want to create interesting infographics, make sure that your message is clear and understandable, without unnecessary information that will only create a mess. 


Don’t Forget About SEO

The best way to increase visibility and reach a wider audience is to improve your positioning in search engine results, but ranking takes time to build. Now is a perfect time to make sure that your content is well optimised and to go through your strategy and keywords, and find the ways to improve them. Local SEO is also very important, so make sure that your opening hours, as well as contact details, are accurate and updated.


Become Active on Social Media

If you became idle about posting on social media or blogging, this is a wake-up call. You will have to become more active and engage your audience. There are different tools that you can use when creating a campaign, and you can set the budget that fits your limits. Also, you can make plans for your future post, and consider creating videos since they are excellent for SEO. 


Keep Calm and Stay Safe

These steps should help you prepare for the end of the crisis, but even if you are not a digital marketing expert and all this makes you overwhelmed, we will be there to solve all your problems. Our team of professional marketers will tailor a strategy that will help you get your business back on track, so don’t hesitate to contact Ajroni Enterprises even today.

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