Responsive emails can bring you more website traffic and potentially boost sales. That being said, you need to start creating a responsive design for both mobile and desktop devices. Although more people open their emails using smartphones, there is still a small percentage of the ones who use their computers to see newsletters. 

What Tricks Can You Use For Better Responsiveness?

If you want to have attention-grabbing emails, you have to make them as attractive as possible, work on responsiveness and provide an excellent user experience.


Layout and Format

The first thing you can do is use a vertical layout. This way you will ensure that all mobile users will be able to open email properly. Just set the maximum width of about 600px and the computer users will be able to open it without any interruptions, too.

Another important thing regarding layout is a call-to-action position. You need to keep it high if you want to see results. The majority of people look at the first part of the email with full attention and after that, they slightly lose the focus. That’s why you need to make sure the CTA button is at the beginning, so each subscriber can see it as soon as they open an email.


Font Size

When it comes to font style and size, emails should be simple and clean. Keep in mind that users are usually busy and impatient. They open promotional emails as a side activity and if you want to catch their attention use simple fonts and medium size. There is a visual hierarchy you need to implement in each of your emails to help users understand your content better even if they are not focused enough.

  • First section: larger headings and single call-to-action
  • Second section: smaller subheadings with multiple call-to-action
  • Third section: regular text

In the first section explain to them why you are sending an email. The key is to be quick and straightforward. In the second section add more offers and different subheadings, so everything is nice and visible. Lastly, add any content that you find interesting and useful. Describe each section with a different heading, starting from the biggest to the smallest one.


Number of Columns

When you are making an email design, never add more than three columns. Giving the fact that you have 600px at disposal more than three columns won’t be visually appealing. As a result, people won’t even read what you have sent them.


Responsive Email Images

Images make a big part in every promotion. They can be eye-catching and make an email even more interesting. But, on the other hand, they can also be the reason everybody just deletes your messages.

Each time you add an image as a part of your email, you need to ensure it loads fast. Don’t use background images and patterns, since they will slow down the responsiveness. If the loading time takes too long, people will delete it without reading.

If you implement images in your emails, make sure you put them in the left column. Our eyes are more attracted to visual things like images rather than text. Therefore, you should put an image to the left, and once the readers are satisfied with the first thing that caught their attention, they will keep reading.

As you can see, there are different ways to improve the responsiveness of your design. Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to gain new customers, and you should use its full potential. If you are not sure how our experienced West Palm Beach design team can help you with creating an amazing email template design, that will satisfy even the most demanding consumers.

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