According to Forbes, websites, online stores and applications are the new cornerstones for small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. These businesses made up nearly 54% of U.S sales in 2017.

With such high dependency on websites, it’s more important than ever to ensure each web app is fully optimized and free of any bugs or errors that could impact user experience.

This is where web app testing comes in. As per a study done at the University of Cambridge, the cost to fix an error post launch is about four to five times higher than that fixed during the design phase. Other benefits of app testing include ensuring iOS and Android app services work effectively on mobile devices and that the app works optimally under heavy load.

Here is an overview of 5 common kinds of tests to determine and improve the workability of your app.

Functional Testing

This is a quality assurance test and is based on the software component being used to run the test. As the name suggests, it ensures that all website functions are tested for smooth operation. The process involves inserting input and analyzing the corresponding output. The idea is to conduct an actual system usage simulation to check how the system works in real-time.

Usability Testing

This kind of test combines features of a functionality test and the general user experience on the website. It’s an essential component of web application testing and can be done both internally and externally using testers fitting your target user base. This test typically involves examining all application functions including navigation and main content followed by improvement strategies.

Interface Testing

An interface test streamlines all interactions between the interface of a web server and an app server to ensure optimal connection. Key steps in this test primarily include assessing the communication processes, verifying that error messages (if any) are correctly displayed, and noting the number of user and server interruptions.

Compatibility Testing

It tests for compatibility between your web application and all browsers and various device formats.pic2

The types of compatibility tests include that for operating systems and mobile Android and iOS devices.

Performance Testing

A performance test helps identify how an app operates under heavy loads. This test involves using apps under normal and peak loads and at different internet speeds. This helps app developers determine the degree of app resiliency under stress and potential breaking points.

Running the above-mentioned tests is a great way to ascertain that your application is free of bugs and errors before it gets rolled out to the public.

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