Standing out of the crowd is more than important for the brand’s survival. Balancing between following current design tendencies and preserving your company’s unique mark and identity might be difficult sometimes.

Since we are in the last quarter of 2020, it is important to prepare for the next prosperous year. It is expected that many businesses will continue to function virtually for some time, and obtaining knowledge of how to improve the performances is necessary.

In this article, we will cover the anticipated web design UI/UX trends for 2021.


Back To Nature

Natural forms are replacing grid layout designs that were popular since 2019. Having rounder and softer lines can make your page components seem well separated. Our eyes are naturally fixed on the large objects, so keep that in mind when wanting to draw attention to the key elements. Giving this organic sense of the page makes the visitor more comfortable and the website more appealing. As people get disconnected from nature, bringing it closer through a digital form will be beyond welcomed.


Brave Communication Through Transparent Data

Clear data and messages that are brought by large fonts are delivering a prominent statement. That gives an impression of confidence and truth which is explained in a simple manner. Therefore, decorative fonts are replaced by more neutral and classical ones. Through assertive messages and proven statistics and analytics, a clever web-designer keeps a customer informed and attentive by providing plain data. This keeps your visitor more engaged and likely to gain your trust.


Continuing The Trend Of Keeping The Page Alive

Attaching videos and moving objects is definitely going to draw some attention. Having short video presentations or clips in the background of your page is a great way to paint a picture of your company’s mission. The micro-animations are a great way to add some playfulness and ensure easier navigation through the page  An alternative way to achieve a vivid picture is by creating a sense of depth. How do we do that? By placing shadows, layers, and gradients behind the graphics. The page is more interactive and vivid which makes it a good place for a visitor to explore. 


Dark Surface Break-through

Dark or low light themes will happen far and wide in 2021. This is a trend that started a few years ago, but it will fully blossom next year. Why are we so confident about this? Pay attention to the large brands landing pages design. It is already there. Also, this color change is more than beneficial for the visitor and page owner. It makes the elements more visible, the eyes are not getting tired fast and the site looks refined and classy. Having dark shades on the page allows the designer to experiment with exciting colors like bright neon and other futuristic tones.


Faster Loading Time For A Demanding Visitor

Having a fast load time and page speed is still one of the most important duties of a web designer. The trend will continue in the years to come since time has become more valuable for a consumer. For online stores, this is a crucial part of keeping the customers in the shop and making them spend some nice quality time there.


Professional Web-Designers for Any Brand

In the upcoming year, trends will dictate the bold but elegant design combined with both organic and futuristic shapes and styles. It will be a great time for all professionals who like challenges and innovations and our West Palm Beach web designers at Ajroni Enterprises fit perfectly into that category. Creating a unique and modern web page for people is our greatest passion, so contact us today.

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