The most likely choice for anyone looking to create a website would be either WordPress or Joomla platform. They stand out because of their comprehensiveness, a large number of useful plugins that enhance the functionality of these two content management systems. 

However, each of them has advantages and disadvantages which are important to consider when you want to create your website. So, before you make a decision, let’s take a closer look at both WordPress and Joomla.

Benefits of WordPress

WordPress is currently the most popular website platform in the world. Somewhere around 34% of all websites use its CMS. At first, it was reserved for blogs only, but over the years this platform started serving different businesses and magazine websites. 

It is a platform with a large community, and the main reason for that is its ease of use. The set-up itself is quite simple, especially since most hosting services include the auto-install WordPress option. Because of it, creating the website doesn’t take more than a couple of hours. Also, you will be able to post your content straightaway.

This platform incorporates a vast choice of themes and plugins suitable for more advanced websites as well. If you aren’t sure what makes a perfect website layout, you can always start with basic 5 design must-haves. Also, if that doesn’t help, our web designers are here to help.

Considering search engine optimization, a great benefit of WordPress is the Yoast SEO plugin. This extension is one of the most popular tools in the SEO community. It guides you through substantial elements of website optimization – from the relevancy of your content to its readability.

Disadvantages of WordPress

Even a huge platform such as WordPress comes with some disadvantages. Tough plugins seem quite handy, there are over 54.000 of these additional features, which is way too many. Also, plugins and themes are updated frequently, and that can result in bugs or hosting errors. Because of that, the best thing you can do is to hire professional web designers and developers who can create a WordPress website according to your needs and requirements. 

Though it is well built, this platform doesn’t come without any security concerns. Mentioned plugin extensions make it pretty vulnerable, so many experts advert to pay attention to this detail, especially if you are designing an e-commerce website. So, this is where you’ll have to be cautious, and one of the reasons why you shouldn’t build a WordPress website on your own.

Pros of Joomla

The other content management system that has been widely used is Joomla. Designed for content such as photo galleries, forums, web-based apps, and e-commerce, this platform first launched in 2005. Since then it has gone through some changes, but not as obvious as WordPress. 

Joomla is user-friendly, however, there is more complexity to it than WordPress. It offers advanced user management and allows changing templates for different types of content. It is a well-supported platform that allows your site to grow and adapt. 

When it comes to SEO, through Joomla’s backend you can directly modify keywords and meta descriptions. This is a huge advantage for all of you who are looking for better Google search rankings.

Cons of Joomla

Compared to WordPress, the list of plugins for Joomla is much shorter. This can be limiting if you need a specific plugin, still, it is not as disadvantageous as it may seem.

The greatest shortcoming of Joomla might be that it is not suitable for beginners, and content management might not be as easy. Thus, you will need some skills to work with this platform.

Even though Joomla is pretty secure, it is still an open-source platform. That allows you to change the code of your website, but it also leaves it exposed to hacker attacks. So, you will have the option to constantly change your login data or turn to a web developer to resolve this issue. The best solution might be to hire a firm that deals with that and create a bulletproof site.  

Which one is Better Option for Small Business?

Choosing the right platform for your business website depends on various factors. First, you should consider how much time you have to complete your site. Second, do you need some specific extensions or customization? Third, and finally, which platform is the most suitable for your SEO needs? We are here to help you get to all of these answers. Feel free to contact us and we will make sure you get the website that represents your business in the best possible way.