WordPress is a leading platform used by most websites on the Internet. There are more than 75 million websites powered by WordPress and if you are thinking about creating one too, we encourage you to do so. 

But, before you begin your WordPress journey, there are some myths you need to be aware of. We will discuss the most common ones and you will see why you need to stop believing in them.


WordPress Is Just For Bloggers

Let’s start with the most common one, that has nothing to do with the truth. Oftentimes, people believe that WordPress websites are created for bloggers, not for businesses. Well, this platform did start as a place for blogging websites but it spread so fast, that nowadays it is used by the majority of companies.

It is easy to use and that fact makes people think that it is for bloggers only, since they do not require advanced services. WordPress is a powerful website builder that can be used to build almost everything you could imagine. Corporations use it, online stores and eCommerce websites, too. Online magazines and even Governments and Universities. As you can see, it’s not just a toy for bloggers.


WordPress Is Not Secure

Another common thing to hear is that WordPress is not secure. Actually, it is very secure and that is the main reason for its popularity. Since this is a very flexible platform, you can take extra steps to increase security and install monitoring services for protection.

The platform alone may be somewhat vulnerable. Especially if your website is attacked by hackers with advanced knowledge. But different plugins and tools will strengthen the security level and all the information you have will be safe. Some of the most basic steps for increasing WordPress security are strong passwords and following some security practices.


WordPress Is a Bad Choice For eCommerce

By default, WordPress is not an eCommerce website. But, if you install the adequate plugins it will transform your website to a virtual store. The most popular one is WooCommerce, which powers more than 42% of eCommerce websites in the world. Aside from that, you can download and install the Exchange of iThemes, WP E-Commerce, and eShop.

As a matter of fact, one of the largest eCommerce companies, eBay, uses WordPress for their business. So, it’s more than clear that WordPress is an excellent choice when it comes to online stores.


WordPress Websites Have Slow Loading Speed

We understand this myth since many websites struggle with the loading speed. But the thing is, that has nothing to do with WordPress and the idea that websites on WordPress are slow is a misconception.

The main problem for many people is plugins and themes. Users install different things to make the website more visually appealing. Once you install all of them on your website, it will become slower, without a doubt. One thing that is the most likely to decrease the loading speed is the high-quality images that are not optimized for browsing. High-quality images will make the loading speed slower, no matter the platform.

These are just five most common myths, although you can find plenty of others. People still do not realize the full power of WordPress, but once you make a website and discover every possibility it has to offer, we guarantee, you will be more than satisfied. If you need help setting up a WordPress website, just contact our West Palm Beach web developers.

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