The year behind us unpredictably influenced the world. Moreover, since numerous businesses moved online, the importance of email design started to grow. The apparent changes were over-the-top, maximalist styles. However, 2021. tendencies seem to be more harmonic, filled with tranquility, good reads, and eye-suiting visuals. They are also turned to a personal, almost emotional approach.

To keep up with global movements in the area of email design, we present to you some of the biggest trends for 2021.

Personal Approach

Personalization stands out as one crucial aspect not only for email design but also for digital marketing in general. This is a trend that started last year, and there are no indications it will weaken any time soon. And, there is a good reason for that. The emails that revolve around the personal needs of consumers are getting 100% return.

To create such an email, you will need to apply a template that includes offers based on customer’s habits and preferences. Also, customize your content, use visuals and make it a unique reading experience. Personalization will require a lot of work, but in the end, it pays off.

Longer Reading

Many email design experts emphasize the importance of text longevity and meaning. Nowadays readers pay attention to longer and more explanatory emails. Thus, if you want to attract new clients, you should present your service or product in as many details as possible. Explaining to potential clients the origin, purpose, and benefits of your offer will certainly have a positive result. 

To ensure your long reading email is successful, you should pay attention to the next few details:

  1. Find the most optimal formating, 
  2. Avoid mistakes like typos and poor grammar,
  3. Make sure that your text composition isn’t overloaded with information, but provides and explains those that are crucial,
  4. Add high-quality visual content to illustrate the information you presented. 


Having in mind that the love of art never dies, it is no wonder illustrations became a massive email design trend. That is not only because of their simplistic and fun nature but also many options to apply them. You can animate them, use one big illustration, or put them in certain places throughout the entire text. And with that and more, they will not get old any time soon.

3D Imagery

While we are looking at art and animations, 3D images are a trend that has been present for a few years now thanks to large platforms such as Google. Suitable for all businesses who are looking for that smooth futuristic feel, this type of imagery achieves desired effects with ease. If you are aiming to leave a modern, high-tech impression through your email, it should include a 3D image.

Retro Design and Meaningful Coloring

Another trend that has been around for several years now is retro design. Inspired by technicolor, it incorporates pastels in different eye-flattering shades. However, a combination of intense colors such as yellow and gray also found its place in some of the most popular email designs. Many big names started using these colors in their layouts, and one could argue that the choice was not random.

However, the range of colors is much wider than yellow and gray. The vibrant palette of the 80s made its comeback last year, and it is still going strong. Brownish tones and psychedelic geometric shapes of the 70s also have their fair share in email appearance. And these are popular colors not just for emails, but also layout designs.

Featuring Video

Though this is not necessarily a trend related to email design alone, video is always a welcomed feature. Some studies show that click rates are increased by 65% when email includes video, so there is the first reason not to discard it. Keep in mind that the best way to include it in your letter is by linking it into a text since big platforms like Yahoo and Google don’t allow playbacks. To stay at the top of email marketing and follow the latest trends, we offer you our service of template design for your emails. We will tailor it to help you create the desired effect and take your business to another level.