A few months ago, small business owners were setting their ambitious goals for the year ahead. But, in a snap of a finger, everything changed. Social distancing is great for our health, but it is one of the worst things for small businesses. People are spending more time in their homes than ever and as a result, business owners in every industry are looking for ways to keep their customers and maintain business operational during the lockdown.

Nonessential brick and mortar businesses were mainly closed, therefore people needed to rely on online shops to get their supplies. According to this research, 85% of internet users in China said they had avoided crowded public places. This means that the only way to maintain a business was to move it to an online world as well.

If you had a plan to launch a new brand or product this year, there is still a chance. The solution is eCommerce. In the last decade, we witnessed a surge in the number of eCommerce websites. Many small businesses developed their online stores and increased sales. 

The concept of eCommerce gives consumers the ability to buy products or services from their homes at any time of day or night. This has become one of the most preferred ways of shopping because it is quick, convenient and above all user-friendly. Through online shopping, they still get to enjoy their shopping experience, while your business grows.


What Are the Main Benefits of eCommerce For Small Business?


  • It has low operating costs


If you implement eCommerce to your website, it will involve less money compared to running a brick and mortar shop. There are a lot of additional savings since you won’t need to handle inventory, checkout, payments, and delivery. Every process is automatized, which will help you, especially if you are just starting out. However, you will have to find a good web developer and SEO specialist that will keep your website operational and your products or services easy to find. So overall, opening up an online store is economical and practical, especially if you have limited finances. 



  • Building a relationship with customers


Although this is a period when we are all most concerned with our health, you must not forget to maintain regular relationships with consumers and interact with them. Otherwise, they might forget your business even exists while your competitors are looking for every possible way of reaching out to the shoppers. Apart from opening a webshop, you should pay special attention to online marketing and ensure that you are always in front of your customers. This way, they will still be able to shop for the things they like even though they are not able to leave home.



  • Visitor tracking


When you have a website and online store, there are specific tools you can use to track every information about your customers. Google Analytics is extremely easy to use and you will be able to see where your shoppers are coming from, which pages they visit the most, and what is their usual behavior. This way you will have a better understanding of your business and your customers. You will know what are the things they prefer the most and what you need to improve in order to make your business even more successful.

As you can see, having an eCommerce for small businesses can have a lot of benefits. So, instead of waiting for everything to pass, you should start building an online store and get to know your consumers better. If you need help setting up your eCommerce website, contact our West Palm Beach web developers.

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