Online presence is vital for your business success, and most people will find a way to build a website on their own, or to hire a web developer, but will you be able to create an engaging website?

If you are looking to build a new website for your startup, or to make the existing one more effective, these are the steps you should follow to make your business more profitable and appealing in the online marketplace.


Make it Easy To Navigate

Your top-level navigation menu should have several clearly labeled tabs with related pages organized under them. You should also have a clear way back to the home page no matter where your visitors land because a search will probably take them to another page related to the word they typed into a search engine. 


Keep Your Design Simple

Limit the use of images, colors, animated gifs and videos which can distract and take eyes away from the focus of your webpage. Short paragraphs and bullets will make your content more scannable and appealing. 


Pick a Good Domain Name

Choosing a domain name that describes your business or company name will make your website easier to find. You can even have multiple domain names that lead to the website. Your domain name should be short, easy to spell and memorable. 


Include Call to Action

Each page on your website should motivate the readers to do something: call, sign up, or make a purchase. Make sure that you have a clear call to action buttons which will encourage visitors to take action on your website. Otherwise, they will not be motivated to take action, they will look around and leave to another website. 


Use Original, Engaging Content

Your content should be unique and include relevant information regarding your brand. It should also include the information your audience might be looking for, as well as answers to the most common questions. Creating engagement content will help you boost your credibility and gain customers’ trust. 


Social Media Integration

Building in social media, such as your Facebook or Twitter feeds, to your website will help you boost engagement on those platforms and allow you to keep in touch with your customer base. You can add social icons in the main navigation bar, or the page footers.


Install Webmasters Tools

Installing Google Analytics, Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tools will help you collect valuable data and analyze traffic and site performance. You will be able to track daily, weekly and monthly visitors to your site, the number of views on each page of your website, bounce rate, the average time users spend on your website and plenty of other things.


Choose The Right eCommerce Platform

If you plan to sell your products or services online, you will need the right technology to do so. In other words, you will need to pick a perfect platform for your business model. Some of the most popular eCommerce platforms are WooCommerce, which can turn your WordPress site into an online store. There are also Shopify, Shopify Plus, Wix and many others. 

After reading all this, you will probably realize that building an effective small business website isn’t as easy as it seems. There is no need to get overwhelmed because our qualified West Palm Beach web developers and designers will be able to create a website for your small business and help you stand out among your competitors. 

Feel free to contact us, so we can discuss all options and pick the one that best suits your business goals. With our help, you will quickly turn your website visitors into paying customers!

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