The industry of graphic design is remarkably and rapidly growing. It became one of the most useful tools for communication between customer and consumer. As our constant pursuit of authenticity continues, graphic design has become more than just brand recognition. It allows us to tell a visual story that the client will understand, embrace, and identify with. The power of graphic design lays in the fact that people simply believe their eyes.

Even though the graphic design possibilities and styles that shape our brand and name are countless, the following trends can create certain beneficial boundaries. And who creates those trends? Consumers. What the audience wants to see, what can help them find certain soothing and trusts, is what the designers deliver.

So far, this year didn’t bring much serenity and assurance. Therefore, sending a visual message that says ‘’everything will be all right’’ is a responsibility that graphic designers might take. At least, many of us will. Now, how will we do that? We will present you with a few methods and tools that will have a huge impact on creating a 2021 designer trend.


Minimalism With the Organic Twist

The persistent minimalist approach is expected to continue its way through 2021. A successful escape from extreme generic black-white technique due to the modernization of this movement brought us diverse soft, eclipsed color palettes. Combining them cleverly will bring a more organic and natural feeling that automatically has a calming effect.


Implementing Geometry and Liquid Shapes

A sense of structure that can be achieved by returning to geometric patterns and forms delivers a feeling of stability. Reaching out to simplicity is anticipated action for the upcoming year, so integrating retro instead of abstract design is one way to get that effect. Now, keeping the structure doesn’t always imply sharp lines. Especially in the past few years, round transitions and edges are everywhere – from phones, laptops to cars. That’s why continuing the trend of liquid frames is also a path that designers will follow.


Clean Fonts for the ‘Good Old Days’ Feeling

Elegant and classic fonts are brought back to life, giving that sense of nostalgia. The trend is expected to continue because of the thriving to minimalist and clean pictures. Of course, a fresh and hype brand of teenage clothing doesn’t really require a touch of refinement, so adjusting the brand personality to its crowd is essential. But, speaking in general, serif fonts are expected to take over.


Adding and Improving Visual Element for More Focused Visitor

Be wise about choosing your visuals – because humans are way better at processing pictures than any other form of content. They keep us attentive and present, so it is much easier to address consumers this way. Adding inputs like charts, infographics or animation sequences brings in life to the page and motivates a person to do a certain action. Flat icons and all sorts of illustrations are coming back to powerfully contribute to achieving clarity. 


Slide Decks

Slide decks are being heavily promoted on social media and we could notice that they have been used to convey some important messages. Alongside those, text graphics in the video is becoming a convenient solution for remote working that is expected to last for a while. Considering that shooting new video materials could be very hard, this alternative comes in very handy for the designers.


Keeping the Proven Data Visible

Implementing trustworthy analytics and statistics on the page became more and more valuable for the consumers. We trust in the proven data, so setting up their source is very important. Keeping data visualization simple and easy to comprehend is the trend to follow in 2021.


Inventive Web-Designers at Ajroni Enterprises For Any Brand

West Palm Beach graphic designers Ajroni Enterprises are eager to follow the trends, yet keep the brand unique and fresh. We take care of all the creative and technical work when it comes to the digital life of your brand. Check out our portfolio and contact us today for innovative and valuable solutions that every business requires.

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